low melting waxes

STARPIL low melting point waxes are made from beeswax and high-quality rosins. Some contain titanium dioxide to give them a creamier and more pliable texture at room temperature and lower their melting point to make waxing easier. STARPIL's highly effective and easily applied low melting point waxes adhere well to skin, prepare it for waxing and open up pores to remove body hair at the root, delaying regrowth.

Fully or semi-transparent. Fluid texture. Heavy-duty removal. Fast-drying.
Pliable. Applied in thin layers to reduce burning sensation.
Pliable formula aids application and produces gentle, non-aggressive hair removal.
Highly pliable. Rich, velvety texture. Flawless removal. Gentle on skin.
Fast-melting and easily measured out