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2nd On-line International Waxing Contest

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We’ll assess technique, presentation, customer care, application protocol and cleanliness and
tidiness. In short, the qualities that define the World’s Best Waxer.

There will be prizes for the world's 3 best waxers, plus 3 special mentions:

· Best waxing ritual
· Best waxer using Starpil Film Wax
· Best waxer using Starpil Roll-On Wax

BASES PARTICIPACIÓN 2021 (puedes descargarte las bases here)

1 Quick and easy practical format. Post your video on your Facebook or IGTV account.
2Tag the following accounts: @starpilofficial (on Facebook) or @starpil_official (on Instagram)
3 Tag your distributor
4 Use the #Starpilcontest hashtag and Include your country in a comment
5 You must exclusively use Starpil products in the video.
6 We’ll contact the winner via their Facebook or Instagram account.


1st prize
Product pack worth €1,500 + Winner’s Certificate + Official Starpil Uniform with gold embroidery + Starpil Ambassador Programme (info in Starpil Ambassador annex).

2nd Prize
Product pack worth €500 + Second Place Certificate + Official Starpil Uniform with silver embroidery.

3rd prize
Product pack worth €200 + Third Place Certificate + Official Starpil Uniform with bronze embroidery.
The prizes will be presented by the distributor you tagged when uploading your video. Award amounts do not contain VAT. You will be able to choose any Starpil product.

The judging panel will be made up of members of Starpil's international Technical and Marketing departments.


1 Record a video with your mobile (vertical format) showing how you do a leg wax, then upload an extract (max. length 7 min.) to your account.
2 We want to see your treatment room.
3 We want to see your uniform.
4 We want to see which Starpil products you work with, including the wax heaters
5 But, above all, we want to see how you wax. We want to see the customer’s skin before and after, how you apply the roll-on, how you tug off the waxing strip, and how you apply the waxing cosmetics before and/or after.
6 We want to see the before and after.
7 Tell us why you chose the products you used.

1 Recepción de vídeos del 1 al 12 de noviembre 2021.
2 Comunicación de l@s ganador@s 24 de noviembre.
3 El premio podrá hacerse efectivo hasta el 12 de diciembre de 2022.
Ready to compete?
1. Do I have to pay to take part?
No, the contest is free to enter. You only have to follow the instructions.
2. Can I submit my video another way?
No, only videos uploaded as per the instructions will be admitted.
3. Can I take part if I don’t use Starpil wax?
No, only Starpil products (wax and cosmetics) can be used.
4. What are the assessment criteria?
The video has to show the Starpil products you work with, including the wax heaters. Waxing has to be based on the general Starpil application protocols: roll-on on legs, low-melting-point wax on underarms. To assist you properly, we have to see how you wax customers: application of roll-on or tin wax, wax removal and application of pre- and post-waxing cosmetics. It’s essential we see the before and after.
5. What should I do if I want to take part but don’t have any Starpil products?
Contact your nearest distributor and buy the Starpil products you need to participate in the contest.
6. How will I know if I’ve won?
First, second and third place, as well as the special mentions, will all be published on 12 November 2021 on our official social media accounts: @starpilofficial (Facebook), @starpil_official (Instagram).
7. How long should the video be?
No more than 7 minutes.
8. And if I win, how will I collect my prize?
We’ll contact you by 30 November to arrange receipt of the prize, which we’ll deliver to your home address free of charge.



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