Perfect hands and feet for this spring

Manos y pies perfectos para esta primavera

In winter, our hands suffer the effects caused by low temperatures. Therefore, problems of dryness and lack of hydration appear. The good weather is just around the corner and the time has come to put a solution.
With our Paraffin Kit Your clients will notice:

A hydrated, soft and elastic skin.
A careful, smooth and silky skin
A healthy and beautiful skin.

It is important to transmit that the skin functions as a protective barrier against the outside thanks to its complex cellular and immunological mechanisms. We take care of diseases, extreme temperatures and injuries such as blows and burns. She selects and filters what is harmful to our organism and takes what is beneficial.
Do not we have to take care of it?


Our paraffin kit
· Exfolia.
· Hydrates deeply
· Regenerate surface layers of the skin

This kit has been expressly created to take care of the skin of the hands, feet and other areas of the body.
Thanks to the complete treatment of paraffin-based heat therapy, it is possible to moisturize the deep layers of the skin helping to hydrate it, nourish it and rejuvenate it.
It offers your clients the relaxing aromas of orange, the energy power of the peach fragrance and the effective exfoliating effect of our volcanic peeling.

You can include it for those clients that the pedicures are performed weekly and offer an extrasensory experience.

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