Depilation is one of those eternal beautycare problems you just can’t avoid.

It’s long been an issue for women in just about every culture. And it's more and more of one for men. Legs, eyebrows, upper lip, face, nape, arms and, increasingly, tricky areas like back, torso and even your whole body.




But, how do you know which system to choose? Let’s take a look at the most popular options.

-          Laser: The good systems are expensive and there's a risk of allergic reaction to the anaesthetic, especially if the practitioner isn’t particularly diligent. And of course, the hair grows back with time. It’s not recommended for the young or adolescents, nor for anyone undergoing hormonal changes.

-          Electrolysis: It can easily break the hairs, meaning that the root isn’t removed and the hair then grows back at different rates. It can also cause blotchiness on sensitive skin. It's not recommended for facial or delicate skin.

-          Shaving: Makes the hair grow back stronger, tends to create ingrown hairs, irritates skin and only lasts 48 hours at most.

-          Creams: Break the hair, can cause irritation and the effects don’t last more than 48 hours.


It's got a reputation for hurting, burning and not lasting for more than 3 weeks. But it’s also true that when you go to a waxing salon you don’t tend to ask for a particular brand. Which means it’s no surprise that the experience isn’t always the best.

The MIA team has set out to find the leader. And we’ve managed to speak to the leading waxing brand: Starpil.

The inventors of roll-on wax. A system that they patented, revolutionizing the sector and changing it forever. Nearly 40 years leading the waxing market worldwide. A system often imitated, but never bettered.

STARPIL is sold in 84 countries. The world's top beauty salons choose this wax and this system. Creators of the International Waxing Academy, the International Waxing Contest and a master's in waxing and skincare.

“We don’t remove hair, we provide a true beautycare treatment,” says Ana Laura, Head of Training at Starpil.

"We've got over 300 different waxes for every skin type and body area — roll-on wax, low-melting-point wax, film wax... And our protocols and bodycare rituals complement them perfectly, making waxing not just effective but also a pleasure.”

"We pioneered pre- and post-waxing cosmetics. Pre-waxing massages to connect with the customer, relax her and clear the treatment area of body creams, sweat or other products. With the Starpil technique, waxing doesn’t hurt, or certainly doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much. We remove the hair at the root and finish with a soothing massage and post-waxing cosmetics: acid cream for sensitive areas, and mousse, cream or oil for the rest."

“STARPIL waxing cosmetics are made from high-quality natural active principles that moisturize and prepare skin for effective hair removal, producing outstanding results and delaying hair growth. They’re skincare formulas. We’re about holistic beautycare, not simply waxing,” explains Manu Soriano, head of the brand’s laboratory.

What are waxing’s benefits as a hair removal system?

It exfoliates, softens, delays hair growth by up to 6 weeks when it’s done properly and, with the right pre- and post-waxing cosmetics, it leaves skin in beautiful condition. It should be a complete beautycare treatment. You shouldn’t dread going to your waxing salon, it should be somewhere you can relax and enjoy good service. It's important. It's your skin.

Can you continue the treatment at home?

Starpil is exclusive to beauty salons, but your salon can sell you products like Hair Puller Oil, which helps eliminate ingrown hair and delay regrowth. We’ve also got a new product: Coral skin-illuminating dry oil with golden pigments. It moisturizes, helps close pores and leaves your legs glowing and looking great, ideal for summer. It’s important to remember that between waxing sessions you mustn’t use razors or any other home remedies.


Does waxing always hurt and burn?

Roll-on wax doesn't burn. What’s more, if your beautician uses Starpil then she’ll almost certainly have done our training, meaning that she’ll have applied pre-waxing cosmetics to ensure gentle, skin-friendly removal. Film waxes also have a low melting point, which means they don’t burn either. In fact, good-quality waxes like Starpil stick to the hair, not your skin, so you don’t lose any when the wax is pulled off — we all know what that’s like!

Our Starpil line also includes our Starsoft wax, the only one on the market that contains active principles.

NO pain

NO odour

NO burning

What’s more, it contains anaesthetic, antihistamine and moisturizing agents. It's amazing!

-          Where can I try Starpil waxing?

Ask at your favourite salon. It’s available in every city and every country. But if you don't ask, you won't find out where you can get it.

After all, you ask your beautician to use a specific skin cleanser, and you choose a hairdresser that has the right shampoo and colouring your hair, so why not ask for a trusted waxing brand?

It’s about time: ask for Starpil, relax, and enjoy the waxing experience.

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