Tips for proper groin hair removal


The groin area, plus the armpit zone, are the most fragile body areas in the face of any depilatory method. And is one of the most demanded services within hair removal.

The hair in the bikini or English area is very dense and very thick, added to the high skin sensitivity all the factors meet so that, as aesthetics and well -being professionals, we have more care at the time of working .

Tips to take into account at the time of performing depilatory and beauty treatment in the English area:

  • Work, as in all body areas, with vinyl gloves.
  • Reserve time, approximately between 30-40 minutes to work this area very tranquility.
  • We advise using our low fusion waxes that are extremely friendly to the skin.
  • Carefully monitor the temperature of the wax. The wax cannot drip, it can never be in a liquid state, for any area. Low fusion wax is applied between 45-50ºC, which is when we can control the wax in the spatula. With this temperature, we ensure that the wax does not burn.
  • Ask our client to put his legs in butterfly, bent and out in order to produce skin to shave.
  • It is essential to clean and prepare the skin with forepil gel STARPIL, very little product is used.
  • Start to work always from outside, little by little, delicately, putting our hands on the area when we remove the wax plate to minimize discomfort.
  • Start working with the medium "petals" technique, forming small petal -shaped wax plates.
  • Apply for hair reviews that are more difficult, the "brushstroke" technique STARPIL, really performing the gesture of a brushstroke on the groups of hairs that can be left. It is a perfect technique to work the pubis area when we want a straight edge and
  • The most internal areas of the area, work with small wax plates, always stretching the surrounding skin. If it is necessary to ask our client to collaborate, no problem, the objective is to work safely and give our client security and confidence.
  • The skin can be slightly reddened, and sometimes even with a small red dot. This usually happens and is due to the thickness of the hair and the mechanical traction that is exercised to perform its extraction.
  • Apply post depilatory cosmetics, we suggest our post -epil deardant mousse, which provides an excellent sensation of freshness, hydration and regeneration.

In the event that we observe very sensitized skin, it is important to have the acidic cream of STARPIL, which contains in its composition antoin, a rapid epidermal regenerant and a cutaneous pH stabilizer.

  • In the event that our client describes the appearance of superficial folliculitis, due to its predisposition, we will apply, immediately after wax treatment, Hair Puller de STARPIL since it contains salicylic acid, an active exfoliating, antiseptic and anti -inflammatory. And after its application we can extend the cosmetic post hair removal that we have chosen.

Tip: We can also recommend the use of Hair Puller from STARPIL, in the event that our customer soles have problems of superficial folliculitis, entrenched hair and even its use after the shave of the beard in men would be correct.

Choral wax and swinging technique for groin

The choral line of STARPIL It has a perfect fusion wax for this area.

It contains in its composition, a little amount of titanium dioxide, which causes the wax to behave more kindly with the skin. It is a polymeriza wax, it is an elastic wax. Polymers give you this very noticeable quality at the time of working.

STARPIL, has created to perform with low choral fusion wax, the "swinging" technique. Applicable in English and also in armpits. It is, with very little wax, perform pendulum maneuvers with the spatula, fully wrapping the hair. It is a technique that minimizes the discomfort of our client, is highly effective from a first application. In this way we also minimize possible redness of the skin and spend less product.

Ana Laura Vázquez
Technical and Training Director · STARPIL