Creamy Plus Gold 5AB

Highly pliable, it makes application easy and provides gentle, non-aggressive hair removal.
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Quantity Pouch (tablets, 1 kg) / Jar (pearls, 600 g)


Contains beeswax to keep the melting temperature low, and natural premium-quality resins (rosins). Highly effective, and gentle on skin. Multidirectional. Removes hair at the root, delaying regrowth. Contains titanium dioxide, making them ideal for even the most sensitive skin types.


Superb adherence. Indicated for sensitive skin. Easily spread Maximum pliability Opens up pores Outstanding hair removal Delays hair regrowth High-efficacy Excellent pliability Fast-melting


Apply at 45–50 °C. Only apply in semi-solid-state. Do not apply when liquid. Apply the product using a disposable spatula and keep the wax's edges well-defined so that it can be removed in a single strip without leaving any on the skin. Remove by hand. Do not use waxing strips. Non-recyclable.