Peel-off jelly mask

Jelly mask for intimate areas Soothes, refreshes and moisturizes.
Designed for post-waxing application on the inner thighs and bikini line.
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Quantity Doypack 1 Kg / Sachet 20 gr


Gel mask for intimate areas.

Calms, refreshes and hydrates.

Designed to be applied after depilatory treatment of the groin or bikini area.

Combination of calming and refreshing active ingredients, such as Oryza Sativa, seaweed, Camellia Sinensis and sea salt poured into a dehydrated geloid powder, which, when added with water, becomes a geloid mask.

During its acting time, it forms an occlusive film that facilitates the moisturizing of the skin and the vehicle of the active agents chosen to soothe and hydrate the skin of the treated area.

It is ideal for producing a cooling and calming effect in an area as delicate as the groin after waxing.


Regenerates Moisturizes Softens and refreshes sensitized areas.


After waxing the inner thighs and bikini line, apply the selected Starpil Post-Epil cosmetics.
Mix ¾ of a dessert spoonful of Starpil Gel Mask for intimate areas and about 30 ml of water in a glass bowl.
Stir thoroughly with a spatula then apply the mixture to the pubis and groin area. Leave in place for 15–20 minutes. Remove carefully.
Finish the treatment by applying Starpil post-waxing cosmetics.
WARNING: Do not ingest.


  • Oryza sativa (rice bran oil): Possesses soothing, anti-irritant and moisturizing properties.
  • Fucus vesiculosus (seaweed) powder: Biosustainable ingredient with powerful antioxidant and antiageing properties.
  • Camellia Sinensis: Possesses soothing, antioxidant and smoothing properties.
  • Maris sal (sea salt): Keeps skin healthy