Paraffin Kit

Treatment for hands, feet and other body areas. Possesses powerful skin-moisturizing, softening and suppleness-boosting properties.
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Paraffin heat therapy is a natural treatment that moisturizes the skin's deepest layers, helping to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate it. The paraffin produces this deep hydrating effect because, by forming a seal over the skin’s surface, it prevents moisture from evaporating, storing it instead in the skin's deepest layers and preventing transepidermal water loss. CONTENTS • 1 paraffin heater (3 kg capacity) • 3 kg of Orange · Peach Paraffin (6 trays x 500 g) • 1 Moisturizing Lotion (125 ml) • 1 Cleansing Mousse (200 ml) • 1 Volcanic Peel (200 ml) • 2 terrycloth mittens • 2 terrycloth socks • 100 plastic bags


Exfoliates. Deeply moisturizes. Regenerates the skin's surface layers.


Gently massage Cleansing Mousse into the treatment area. Remove. Mechanically exfoliate by gently massaging Volcanic Peel into the treatment area. After warming the paraffin in the heater, immerse the treatment area in the paraffin 4–5 times until fully coated. Insert the treatment areas into the provided plastic bags and terrycloth mittens/socks. Leave in place for 15–20 minutes. Remove in one piece. Remove any leftover product and then massage with Moisturizing Lotion.