Starsoft Low-Melting-Point Wax

Premium low-melting-point wax for a flawless finish on delicate and/or challenging areas.
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Quantity Carton (1 kg, tablets)


Ideal for small treatment areas (underarms, bikini line, eyebrows, upper lip, etc.).


Outstanding skin-recovery, repair and moisturizing properties Raises pain threshold Reduces possible skin reaction Produces immediate restructuring effect Removes hair at root Removes even shortest hair without damaging skin Alleviates and soothes


Apply at 45–50 °C. Only apply in semi-solid-state. Do not apply when liquid. Apply the product using a disposable spatula and keep the wax's edges well-defined so that it can be removed in a single strip without leaving any on the skin. Starsoft low-melting-point wax takes a little longer to dry because of the resin used. Apply it to several areas simultaneously to maximize efficiency. Remove by hand. Do not use hygienic waxing strips. Non-recyclable.