Healthy, vital and well-groomed skin

Maystar is a renowned luxury cosmetics brand with an extensive product range designed to meet its customers’ every skincare need.

By combining the research done by the Maystar Lab and the knowledge and expertise of our skincare team, we’ve created a series of exquisite beauty care experiences and rituals that transport body and mind to a sensuous state of well-being.


Every one of our skin-pampering and care treatments is based on meticulously developed protocols that draw on latest-generation techniques and cosmetics. They all share the same aim — to keep skin looking healthy, well cared for and full of vitality.

The distinctive treatment customers receive at authorized Maystar Centres is the key to our luxuriously sensuous beauty care experience.

“Our brand is our promise, excellence our guiding principle”


Maystar is committed to:

  • Health and well-being, encapsulated by a healthy appearance and lifestyle.

  • The environment, minimizing our processes' and services' environmental impact and preserving our natural surroundings.

  • Our partners, helping them achieve a healthy work–life balance and develop their full potential.



To create value by providing the best possible product and service. To foster customer identification with the company.


To set a benchmark for innovation and profitability and become a world leader in hair removal and cosmetics products.