1984 > Maystar founded

In 1984, dynamic young entrepreneur Jesús Bonán Solé started handcrafting hair-removal waxes and cosmetic products in his garage at home in Torredembarra.

His idea was as simple as it was ambitious —to provide beauty salons with premium-quality products that created differential value. And so the Maystar story began.


1991 > The first roll-on

Maystar took its first big step in 1991 when Jesús Bonán Solé invented and patented the innovative roll-on system that would revolutionize the global waxing market and set the company on the road to expansion and internationalization.

Maystar’s invention is still the world’s most imitated roll-on system.

1992 > Brand internationalization

The roll-on patent generated huge sales growth for Maystar, not only in the wax market, but also in the beauty salon sector.

It brought the firm enormous international renown and positioned it as an industry benchmark.

1993 > Starpil and Depilflax

International expansion brought with it the opportunity for Maystar to diversify its product range and specialize. This led the company to create Starpil and Depilflax, two hair removal brands clearly differentiated from Maystar Cosmética.

1997 > Maystar’s first body cosmetics line

Research by the Maystar Lab culminated in development of BodyStar, our comprehensive bodycare line designed “to provide your body with everything it needs and restore all-over harmony and balance.

BodyStar was the germ of the holistic approach developed in future Maystar products and treatment experiences.

1999 > Recognition of our efforts

Our international expansion drew the attention of our Chamber of Commerce, which presented Maystar with its ‘Up-and-Coming Exporter’ award, furthering our reputation as an innovation- and quality-oriented firm. The accolade gained us public recognition and the respect of the beauty salon sector.

2000 > Whitening Care

To meet growing demand in Asia and Latin America, in 2000 we created our Whitening Care line. By acting intensely on dark blemishes, this specific-action whitening treatment heightens luminosity and leaves skin evenly toned. Our relaunch of the line in 2008 was a major success.

2001 > New facilities

As our company grew, so did our needs. To meet these, we acquired a site in excess of 6,000 m2 in Torredembarra (Tarragona) to host our factory, laboratory, offices and showroom and serve a clientele of over 1,000 firms in more than 65 countries worldwide.

2004 > Caviar Therapy

The Maystar Lab’s ongoing research brought further rewards with the market launch of a pioneering facial skincare line with caviar at the heart of its formula.

The powerful regenerative properties of Maystar’s silky-textured Caviar Therapy products repair, nourish and revitalize skin. The formula’s success positioned Maystar as a premium beauty salon brand.

2006 > Essential Pearl

Research at the Maystar Lab led to a new breakthrough with development of Essential Pearl, a line of products that erase the marks of time, create a more evenly toned complexion and revitalize skin to leave it looking youthfully fresh and radiant.

Containing marine pearl extract, its combination of powerfully effective exfoliating and skin-lightening properties, amino acids and micro-elements demonstrably nourishes skin.


2007 > Handover from one generation to the next

After 23 years at the head of the company, Chief Executive and Founder Jesús Bonán Solé appointed his son Dennis Bonán de Vries Managing Director. Despite his youth, Dennis already had a wealth of experience under his belt, as from a young age his father had involved him in every aspect of running the company. Consequently, by the time Dennis took on his new role he already had a crystal-clear view of the company’s past and future. To take it forward, he put a high-calibre management team in charge of Maystar’s Laboratory, Exports, Finance, Marketing and HR departments.

2008 > Synergy Lift, a new milestone in cosmetics

The Maystar Lab’s greatest achievement was creation of the Synergy Lift line, which pioneered use of a tripeptide derived from viper venom to achieve a comprehensive and cumulative lifting effect.

Our Synergy Lift products and treatments were an immediate hit, winning us a host of new customers and reaffirming our leading position in the international premium beauty salon segment.

2010 > Production plant opened in Brazil

Maystar’s expansion in South America was underpinned by creation of a production plant in Sâo Paulo (Brazil). Opening this facility gave us a competitive advantage by enhancing supply of Maystar products throughout the region.

2011 > Hydrovect O2 oxygen therapy

The Maystar Lab’s relentless research resulted in reformulation and relaunch of our Hydrovect O2 product with fresh new fluid textures. Hydrovect O2 actively combats the effects of air pollution, purifying skin and leaving it looking healthy, fresh and luminous.

2012 > Maystar Perú

In response to growing demand in the Americas, we took another strategic step forward and opened a subsidiary there, Maystar Perú. In doing so, we satisfied the region’s appetite for beauty salon treatments and premium-quality cosmetics.

2013 > Sensory Nature, 100% natural

In light of the burgeoning market for 100%-natural products free of all additives and parabens, we replaced our BodyStar and Fisiotek body cosmetics with Sensory Nature. Every product in this 100%-natural environmentally ethical line is free of chemical residues and aggressive agents harmful to skin and the environment.


2014 > Alliance with Unicef, a first step towards CSR

True to our commitment to society and the environment, in 2014 we signed a partnership agreement with Unicef to join the Multiplica por la Infancia programme that channels resources into child education in Africa.

2015 > Rebranding

Right from the beginning, Maystar's corporate philosophy has focused on innovation and customer satisfaction. The launch of Maystar’s new brand image in 2015 marks a watershed. Our aim is to reach out not only to beauty salon staff, but also to the customers who sign up for the beauty treatments and experiences that make us a premium luxury cosmetics brand.