Blue Film Wax Tablets - 1kg

This film wax is a blend of raw materials whith varying melting points. Its polymer content allows application of a very fine, flexible film-like layer that does not crack when removed.

Box (1 kg).

Composition: rosin, beeswax, paraffin, elastic polymer.




Elastic and soft to apply at low temperature. Ideal for bikini area.

    •    Liposoluble, very elastic, soft texture with perfect pull of the hair but very soft with the skin
    •    Removes shortest hair from the root without breaking
    •    Allows to apply a fine layer with shorter drying time, but always flexible during the process
    •    Soft pull that reduces the pain sensation
    •    Easier to measure in any heater
    •    Fast melting
    •    Available in different formats.


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