Conventional Low Fusion Waxes STARPIL


Prepared with several high quality raw materials Our depilatory waxes have demonstrated throughout these years being preferred in the beauty sector.

The composition of a low fusion wax is really simple but the quality and proportions of the raw materials that compose it are very important when we talk about high quality and excellent depilatory waxes.

The most conventional waxes of Starpil They have maintained prominence in the world market just for their high quality and the professionals who know our waxes know it because they do not abandon us and also because they continue to test our last creations in waxes and their attractive application protocols.

We have a wide range of "conventional" waxes Starpil, waxes that we have been offered for a long time and that they still remain in our varied letter of depilatory products for their excellent quality.

These low fusion waxes are waxes that have as a raw material that the colfonia, a resin of natural origin and it is very important to monitor its quality. The bad qualities of Colophony make the waxes brittle. That is why in Starpil We use quality A and B, the highest, that follows that our waxes are not broken, they do not break. And this makes the professional very much at the time of working. Always counting that the professional has good application techniques, which is fundamental at the time of working.

Another raw material that is used in our waxes is bee wax, which gives elasticity and also modifies the melting point of our waxes. Within the wide variety of low fusion waxes Starpil, we can see that we have waxes 2 AB, 3 AB, 4 AB and 5 AB.

And what are AB? AB is the number of bees waxes that the formula has, plus AB, more elasticity. This does not mean that our conventional waxes with less AB are of poor quality, are elastic equal, but its formulation is simpler.

These waxes of Starpil They are divided into two large families, crystalline low fusion waxes and creamy low fusion waxes. The difference is because creamy waxes have titanium dioxide in their composition and this makes the wax more creamy, denser. They have more affinity for hair than for the skin, this means that they have less cutaneous adhesion. Therefore they are perfectly indicated for sensitive skin, for skins that want to keep the tan.

Our low fusion waxes are perfect for delicate areas such as English, armpits and facial to combine them with roll on system Starpil in extensive areas such as legs and back.


Tips for proper extraction of all types of hair:

  • Always work with vinyl gloves.

  • We recommend the use of our heater Starpil since they mainly keep the wax of low fusion at an optimal temperature.

  • Control the temperature of the wax very well. Ideally, when applying the wax is not liquid, the perfect point is when I can make a ball and do not spill, when I can control it.

  • It is important to apply it on plates with the very clean edges, very well delimited, in order to remove the wax plate from once and do not remain rest on the skin. In this way we will avoid discomfort, irritations and waste of time to want to withdraw it.

  • Low fusion waxes are cosmetic products with some fragility, we have to work delicately, taking into account not to apply unnecessary force, especially when I am going to remove the wax plate.

  • Low fusion waxes Starpil They are multidirectional.

  • In large areas such as legs, arms, back, abdomen and chest, wax plates must be large, in order to work fast. We advise having a marked order of application especially when we are treating a very fine hair that we can lose sight of the treatment but we organize the order of application of the wax well.

  • It is very important to take into account when removing the wax of low fusion, holding and stretching the skin very well from the edge from where we are going to remove it (in areas such as eyebrows and upper lip we advise stretching the skin from the two ends of the plate of the plate of Wax to obtain a fixed skin plane).

  • At the end of the extraction of the wax, pass or put your hand calmly the discomfort caused by the extraction of the hair. We advise emphasizing more sensitive areas such as English, armpits and face.

  • When removing the wax from the skin, the type of hair must be taken into account. If it is a very fine hair, you do not have to perform fast and abrupt maneuvers, they have to be soft and very delicate not to break the hair. When it comes to thicker hair, where we must exert more extraction force (English and armpits), the fastest maneuver must be performed.

  • The wax is not recycled at any time. I apply, retire and discard it.