Salon Treatment Protocols

Starpil, a world leader in salon waxing renowned for its highly innovative waxing lines, pre- and post-waxing protocols, outstanding waxes and long-standing quality and tradition, it has everything needed to provide premium beautycare and wellness waxing treatments.

Conscol Waxing & Beauty Pure Vegan protocol

Beyond hair removal, is Pure Vegan by Starpil.
Aligned with the new Slow Mood philosophy we have created a special hair removal treatment.
Disconnect. Just relax.
You are going to enter a sensory, natural, harmonious world, environmentally respectful, with animals, loving with the skin, loving with you and your client. A moment for the client and professional to connect and enjoy both.
A true beauty treatment.


Star Soft protocol

A new hair removal concept
Premium more respectful of skin
Starsoft is a new hair removal concept, very exclusive
and skin respecting, which requires a special technique to guarantee exquisite customer treatment.


Calendula protocol

Elastic wax. Wax of pleasant liposoluble texture for all types of skins. Its excellent elasticity allows us to apply a thin layer, with a lower drying time but always keeping flexible throughout the process. Eliminate root hair without breaking it and is disposable by providing hair removal with maximum hygiene. The removal and tea tree extract help keep the skin clean and protected.


Wax Coral Protocol

The exquisite hair removal of the Mediterranean coral for the skin
Elastic texture formulated to shave through the exclusive technique.
Swinging (pendulum)


Elastic wax protocol without bands

Dense and velvety with perfect start but very soft on the skin.
Elastic wax is a formula of several raw materials with different melting points, where the presence of polymers facilitates the application of a very fine, elastic and flexible layer without the wax by quartering when starting it.


Low fusion protocol

Made with bee wax and high quality colophonies, they are very effective because
They adhere perfectly to the skin and soften the pore to favor the low extraction of the root hair, delaying their appearance. Some incorporate titanium dioxide that provides a more elastic and creamy consistency at room temperature with a lower melting point.


Male hair removal protocol

More and more men resort to wax hair removal to improve sports performance or simply due to pure aesthetics and comfort.
An adequate hair removal and waxes suitable for strong hair will be essential to obtain a better and lasting result.

Roll-on hair removal protocol

The elimination of hair has practically become a necessity, therefore women and more and more men try to eliminate it, going to aesthetics centers, demanding the highest quality in the service.