The leading brand in professional hair removal

Hair removal is one of the main treatments to maintain the beauty of our body, since in addition to eliminating hair it helps us prepare the skin for other care, so it is primordial to offer our customers the best products and application protocols. Innovative formulations and excellent products, elaborated with the best components and active ingredients of natural origin, guarantee our extensive experience in the beauty sector.

Trust in the best hair removal, trust Starpil

StarPil is a leader in professional hair removal through a wide catalog in hair removal, pre and post-depilatory systems and accessories, which provides all the necessary elements for the best depilatory treatments of beauty and well-being.

Our beginnings

Maystar was founded in 1984 by the young and restless entrepreneur Jesús Bonan Solé, who began manufacturing depilatory waxes and cosmetic products by hand in the garage of his home. His idea is as simple as it is ambitious: to satisfy the demands of professional beauty salons with quality products that provide a differential value.

Hair removal system Starpil

The big breakthrough came in 1991 when he invented and patented the innovative roll-on system that revolutionized the world waxing market and catapulted the company into a process of expansion and internationalization, now present in 65 countries. Today, Starpil is still the most imitated roll-on system in the world.

Las bases de nuestro compromiso

Starpil es líder en depilación profesional a través de un amplio catálogo en sistemas de depilación, cosmética pre y post depilatoria y de complementos, que proporciona todos los elementos necesarios para los mejores tratamientos depilatorios de belleza y bienestar.

Wellness and Health

We are concerned about projecting a healthy image and lifestyle.


We minimize environmental impacts in all our processes and services to take care of the environment.


We reconcile work and family life, and help them reach their full potential.


We create value because we offer the best possible product and service. We foster customer idetification with the company.


We lead the field of innovation and profitability to become a world leader in hair removal and cosmetic products.