Tips Low fusion wax application

Tips aplicación cera de baja fusión

Also called hot wax, gum wax, Spanish wax, depending on the country.

These waxes are low fusion waxes. They can be applied in all bodily areas. They are very friendly to the skin, provided we apply them at an adequate temperature. They are very well indicated for areas where the skin is more sensitive as English, armpits and facial zone.

It has a simple chemical composition but is decisive in its quality. On the one hand the high quality of the raw materials incorporated in the formula and the proportion of these.

The raw material that gives adherence to these waxes is colfonia, resin of Pinaceous origin extracted from sustainable forests. There are 6 qualities from A to F, in Starpil We use the qualities A and B. It is the highest quality colophony, with the further crystallization time than the low causes cause by which our waxes are not broken if we apply them correctly.

Another very important component is bee wax (except Pure Vegan), microscritaline paraffins and waxes, which are responsible for modifying the melting point and providing waxes plasticity and elasticity.

Titanium dioxide: The presence of this component causes two types of waxes: crystalline and creamy. The difference between these two products is that creamy waxes make the wax more selective and have more affinity for hair than for the skin, which are very well indicated for sensitive skin, with cosmetic dehydration and skins that do not want to lose the Moreno del Sol, also the client less discomfort for adhering less to the skin. And crystalline waxes, which do not carry titanium dioxide, have greater cutaneous adhesion, indicated for normal skin, without sensitivity signs.

Low fusion waxes also have pigment and fragrance. And some of them are polymerized and with active ingredients in their composition.

Tips to take into account in the application

In the application of low fusion waxes there are several fundamental points that we must take into account:

  • Always work with vinyl gloves.
  • On the one hand the application temperature. The ideal point of its application is the point when the wax is not liquid. The wax must be able to be controlled by the professional being able to take a large amount of wax with its spatula, without spilling and falling (45-50ºC). In this way we will not have difficulties with the temperature and skin of the client.
  • On the other hand it is essential to apply the wax plate leaving the perfectly clean, whole edges, without imperfections or blurred. Emphasizing this point, we will extract the product from once without leaving remains stuck on the skin, minimizing discomfort for the client and unnecessary skin irritation caused by the professional by wanting to clean these irregular edges that are usually stuck in the treated area.
  • In large areas such as legs, arms, back, abdomen and chest, wax plates must be large, in order to work fast. We advise having a marked order of application especially when we are treating a very fine hair that we can lose sight of the treatment but we organize the order of application of the wax well.

  • It is very important to take into account when removing the wax of low fusion, holding and stretching the skin very well from the edge from where we are going to remove it (in areas such as eyebrows and upper lip we advise stretching the skin from the two ends of the plate of the plate of Wax to obtain a fixed skin plane).
  • At the end of the extraction of the wax, pass or put your hand calmly the discomfort caused by the extraction of the hair. We advise emphasizing more fragile areas such as English, armpits and face.
  • When removing the wax from the skin, take into account the type of hair. If it is a very fine hair, you do not have to perform fast and abrupt maneuvers, they have to be soft and very delicate not to break the hair. When it comes to thicker hair, where we must exert more extraction force (English and armpits), the fastest maneuver must be performed.
  • The wax is not recycled at any time. I apply, retire and discard it. 
  • Different application techniques: large plates (large areas such as legs) petals (English and armpits), swinging (choral wax in English and armpits), brushstroke (English, armpits, upper area of ​​the posterior face of the thigh, delicate male chest areas and review of more rebellious hairs).
  • The low fusion wax is very friendly to the skin taking into account a correct application temperature. This wax allows you to be applied three, four times in the same area as long as the skin allows us.
  • The use of cosmetics is essential PRE and Post Epil Starpil During all depilatory treatments. They always apply and in all bodily areas.

  • All our waxes in addition to perfectly remove the hair, perform a very soft mechanical exfoliation that markedly improve the skin.

Ana Laura Vázquez.

Technical and Training Advisor of Starpil.