Starpil, a leading brand in worldwide waxing, launches a depilation health awareness campaign with this bold headline.

The campaign has a Manifesto that states the following:

Our mission as market leaders is to continue creating innovative formulas to assist professionals in providing competitive and effective depilation treatments. It is important to raise awareness in society that they should ask for and seek information because every skin is unique, and success lies in the diagnosis.

We believe it is the responsibility of all of us in the beauty sector to promote health awareness. That is our reason for being.

The Starpil Manifesto, a pioneering and globally recognized brand, is titled Reasons Keep Adding Up Manifesto and is signed by the top depilators in Spain*. They advocate and work towards using professional waxing as a depilation beauty treatment, and these are some of the reasons they have supported.


Our Manifesto

Reasons Keep Adding Up

1 The skin is the largest organ of the body. Take care of it because it's forever. 2 Professional waxing is the only method without contraindications. 3 It's suitable for all skin types. 4 It's suitable for all phototypes. 5 With proper technique, it doesn't hurt or only hurts minimally (pain threshold varies).
6 With good heaters, there's no risk of burns. 7 It helps retain customers as they opt for other treatments. 8 There are different waxes for each type of hair: fine, short, ingrown, coarse, pigment-free, etc. 9 It can be used for hair removal on all areas of the face and body. 10 There are over 30 options to choose from based on the area and skin types.
11 Achieving good results is highly satisfying for a professional. 12 Waxing is one of the most profitable treatments for a salon. 13 It's a comprehensive beauty treatment with sophisticated protocols. 14 It exfoliates and promotes skin regeneration. 15 It enhances the shine and revitalizes tattoos.
16 You can sunbathe after waxing. 17 You can have waxing done all year round. 18 The quality of the wax DOES matter. 19 The technique DOES matter. 20 The brand DOES matter.
21 Waxing lasts longer than shaving, creams, or electric methods without damaging the pore or skin. 22 It's not permanent, although over time the hair weakens and it has no contraindications. 23 It's affordable for all budgets. 24 Depilation treatments value the work of the professional and the time spent in the treatment room.