Coral Wax Roll-On

Semi-creamy, pliable texture for indulgent waxing and gentle hair removal. Contains a pleasant pigment and fragrance.
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Quantity Carton (20 refills x 110 g)


Semi-creamy texture with powerful hair removal properties.

Roll-on wax achieves outstanding results. The resins it contains means it can be used at higher temperatures than low-melting-point wax. Its titanium dioxide content makes it much more skin-friendly. Because the layer applied is much thinner, the wax cools almost immediately, avoiding that burning sensation. The wax is then easily removed with STARPIL hygienic waxing strips.


Single-use. Suitable for all skin types. Hygienic No burning sensation Fast Effective Practical Long-lasting


Especially recommended for large areas. Avoid overlapping. While applying, regularly turn the refill upright to prevent wax accumulating at the outlet. Specially indicated for sensitive skin.