Pure Vegan Post-Epil Emulsion

Excellent post-waxing treatment with a powerful capacity to quickly restructure skin after the gentle mechanical exfoliation performed by waxing. Can be applied to all body areas.
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Quantity Bottle (200 ml)


Moisturizes · sanitizes · delays regrowth. Ultra-light post-waxing triple-action emulsion: moisturizes, sanitizes and delays regrowth. Possesses excellent invigorating and antioxidant properties. Contains natural active principles like almond oil, cottonseed oil and camomile oil that provide extra nutrients and possess outstanding soothing properties to leave skin feeling refreshed.


Moisturizes. Regenerates Delays hair regrowth


Apply after waxing, using a gentle, relaxing massage. Tip: On large areas like legs and arms, mix with Pure Vegan Post-Epil Oil to boost moisturization.