Starsoft canned wax

Starsoft quality warm temperature wax.
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Quantity Can 500 ml D93


Starsoft is a new concept of premium hair removal that is more respectful of the skin. With neurosensorial actives that minimize recovery and skin regeneration times. With high extraction capacity for all types of hair.


Excellent recovery, repairing and moisturizing agent Increases pain tolerance threshold Reduces the possibility of skin reactions Immediate restructuring effect Eliminates hair by the root Removes even the shortest hair without damaging the skin Soothes and calms


We suggest its application in large areas. The wax is extracted from the can, previously heated in a 500 ml heater, with a disposable spatula. It is applied on the area to be treated in a very thin layer. Do not overlap the product. Its extraction is performed with Starsoft hygienic strips.