Starsoft Post-Epil Acid Cream (200 ml)

Starsoft Post-Epil Acid Cream is a post-waxing cosmetic indicated for all body areas.
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Quantity Bottle (200 ml)


Helps restructure and restore skin pH immediately after waxing. Ideal for areas susceptible to irritation (underarms, bikini line, eyebrows, upper lip, etc.). Essential salon product.


Starsoft Post-Epil Acid Cream is an outstanding post-waxing cosmetic essential for treating redness in sensitive body areas thanks to its powerful skin-regeneration and recovery properties. Tip: We recommend always using it on the face as a post-waxing cosmetic.


Apply a thin, invisible layer to the treatment area. On the face, we recommend applying a thicker layer, like a mask, to boost its skin-regenerating effect. Leave in place for 15 minutes. On other body areas, apply using a gentle massage.