Discover the 99 Revelations of Eternal Beauty.

Written by opinion leaders.

"Youth is ephemeral, beauty is eternal." Limited Edition.

Sit down. Breathe. Connect with yourself.
Quiet your inner voices and ask yourself what defines you. What makes you tick.
What makes your eyes sparkle.
If you don't know who you are, you will never know how to take care of yourself, how to talk to yourself, how to beautify yourself, how to be once and for all:
YOURSELFthe most wonderful being in the world.

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"ETERNAL Beauty".

Sometimes life is not a fairy tale, we must not give up, we have to fight with all our strength to regain that peace, that inner ETERNAL Beauty we possess and be the best version of ourselves from the inside out. Thanks to the Maystar team for letting me be part of these revelations of "ETERNAL Beauty".

In Maysta's VITAL BEAUTY GUIDEr. When we talk about Vital Beauty we refer to the inner part of our body. Our diet, physical exercise... are important factors. We are what we eat. For this reason, we are increasingly concerned about our diet.

Eating healthier and having a balanced diet is the best way to feel good inside and outside our body.
Enjoying a good and varied Mediterranean food, drinking plenty of water and even enjoying a good wine, which can be highly antioxidant, is healthy for our organism. Holistic Beauty is very different.


Reveal yourself! A Slow movement is coming into our lives to stay. In the VITAL BEAUTY SECOND EDITION guide we offer you a beautiful reading, through our collaborators and beauty lovers where it is demonstrated that youth is ephemeral, but Beauty is eternal. We tell you about this new way of living, in the way of dressing, eating, consuming, feeling...

It has also reached Beauty.

At Maystar we welcome you to a new stage where the pressures are over.

Beauty is no longer slavery, it is a moment to perceive the beautiful.

Beauty is a state of mind, body and soul. Soul Beauty is our true empowerment.

That charismatic smile, that intense and brilliant gaze, that soft and welcoming touch of a cared skin. Everything that adorns, fades away. What is felt, remains.


Products are your allies, never again will you be their slave. And how you feel will make you the center of attention, so you'll be the person everyone wants to come back to.