Sponsor a beehive

Apadrina una colmena

On the occasion of the day of the bee that is held on May 20, Starpil. World leader in professional depilation, Repeat your 2021 campaign.

Apadrina a honeycomb.

It is important to protect bees, an indispensable species for humanity and threatened by several factors: pesticides, climate change, other invading insects or animals, human abuse, monocultures that reduce their nutrients ..

In Maystar Group, we are aware and that is why for a few years we have our own honeycombs. It is our particular way of contributing our grain of sand and trying to return to nature everything it gives us.

And how we do it?:

  • We allocate a space to create a comfortable habitat with a beekeeper, Albert who attends and cares for them, along with the founder of Maystar: Jesús Bonan.
  • We create vegetable barriers to give them spaces of humidity, nutrients, and clean oxygen.
  • We avoid the use of pesticides
  • Let's protect and create new nests

Apadrina a honeycomb, put your name and contribute to biodiversity.

This May, with the purchase of € 200 in products from our Premium waxes: Starsoft, Calendula and Coral will be A patient of the environment

You will receive a certificate of sponsorship for one year, and the photos of your honeycomb so you can share with your customers, in your RRSS etc. And you will have the best depilation products to professional wax to take care of your customers, while you take care of the planet.

We are leaders, with you.