How to treat entrenched hair?


Encustred hair is a problem that is usually seen a lot in the centers where depilatory treatments are performed. It is usually given in English and ½ legs. And many times inflammation may appear in the hair follicle producing folliculitis, a serious problem since it can be deepened (deep folliculitis) and produce a lot of discomfort, medical intervention, and finally scars.

In the encrypted hair it is clearly observed that the hair cannot go abroad correctly, being below the skin, being often perfectly visible.

It can also be detected that the client that suffers from it, tries with little hygienic and safe means, extract from under the skin to the hair also producing small very uncuttetic and difficult resolution scars.

We can address this problem with a treatment Starpil, perfectly designed for this frequent problem.

We have two products whose combination is perfect, the Hair Puller and the Volcanic exfoliant.

Hair Puller, a product that contains in its urea formulation, at a low concentration whose function is to hydrate the skin and salicylic acid, a hydroxy acid beta that fulfills various functions, is exfoliating, antibacterial, anti -inflammatory. Its concentration is absolutely safe and effective with its continuous use.

Protocol Starpil For the enquistado hair:

  • Mechanical exfoliation: Apply every day after the shower in the area to treat Hair Puller, not withdraw.
  • Chemical exfoliation: Twice a week to make an exfoliation with the volcanic exfoliant, on the affected area, for approximately 2-3 minutes. Remove with water. Do not apply if there are reddened lesions, active folliculitis type.


  • The application of Hair Puller is advisable after finishing the application of depilatory waxes in these cases, since it is a large antiseptic. After its application we will finish the treatment with post epil depilatory cosmetics.
  • Hair Puller is also indicated for beard folliculitis in man, post shaver.

With this protocol Starpil, in addition to improving entrenched hair, we will significantly improve skin quality.

Ana Laura, Training Director Starpil