It is a pride for us to have invented the Roll-on depilatory system

Es un orgullo para nosotros haber inventado el sistema depilatorio en roll-on

Roll on depilatory system. That says a lot about our company. In addition to our continuous research and development of new products to improve our protocols and without a doubt that of professionals who choose us as a reference in waxes make us world leaders in the world of depilatory waxes.

Roll on wax is another concept very different from low fusion wax. We recommend applying it in extensive areas such as legs and arms for example. And applying a good technique, it is effective, fast, safe and clean.

It maintains a temperature of about 80 º C approximately inside the replace

It is also important that you know that we manufacture the entire product, including the three plastic pieces. This gives us the absolute security guarantee for professionals. Let's not forget that the wax inside the roll on is very high temperature.

The raw material granted by adhesion is a derivative of colfonia. It is another concept different from the low merger. It is withdrawn with hygienic band that we also manufacture in our company, the good quality of the material with which they are made, especially so as not to harm our client and for good product performance, is very important.

You will also find waxes in creamy and crystalline roll on the presence of titanium dioxide. This substance causes the wax to have less adherence to the skin and more affinity for the hair therefore the creamy are more friendly to the skin of our client.

It does not contain bee wax, if pigment and different fragrances so that professionals have a wide range to work in their centers.

Can in can


The difference is the application technique that canned wax is used a spatula to apply it. But both are extracted from the skin with hygienic bands.

Ana Laura Vázquez.