Importance of applying predempilatory cosmetics Gel Prepil


The use of predepilatory cosmetics It is essential when we are going to perform wax treatment.

In Starpil We have a perfect cosmetic to be applied before, always and in all the bodily areas that we are going to treat, the foreskin gel.

Our prepil gel has several very well indicated active ingredients to perform a preparation prior to depilatory treatment:

  • Menthol. With antiseptic action and also causes a sensation of cold followed by an analgesic effect.
  • Great -grandchildren. Of plant origin, of the flower of the chamomile. It is a great soothing and cutaneous regenerator.
  • Tea tree oil. With great antiseptic power.
  • Hamamelis water. With soothing properties, cleaner. Moisturizing and protector.
  • Chamomile extract. Softener, antiseptic.

With this perfect combination of active ingredients, the foreskin gel fulfills two fundamental functions: we achieve, on the one hand, clean the skin and also restore its hydrolypid mantle and thus the protective function of the epidermis becomes more effective. Two indispensable functions in depilatory treatment.

Tip: Why not apply talc powder? To perform a correct and effective hair removal of any body area we do not need to apply talc powders. These types of dust, harm the hydrolypid mantle, and in this way we weaken the natural protection barrier that the skin gives us. It is essential to strengthen this protection barrier with the use of forepil gel Starpil. 

 Ana Laura Vázquez.

Technical director Starpil.