Polymerized elastic waxes; Blue, Pink, Black, Calendula, Pure Vegan and Coral.

Ceras elásticas polimerizadas; Blue, Pink, Black, Caléndula, Pure Vegan y Coral.

We believe that our low fusion waxes are truly jewels of STARPIL. For its excellent quality, for its very high resolution when it comes to shaving and because, with good application techniques, we can work in the most sensitive areas minimizing discomfort and irritations to our customers.

In the protocols suggested from STARPIL We advise its use in areas such as face, English and armpits and the rest, such as legs, back, arms with roll on system. Low fusion waxes STARPIL They are really very friendly with the skin and have less adherence to the skin than the roll on, so we choose them for more sensitive areas.

But not all our low fusion waxes are the same. We have a group of waxes such as the natural, vegetable, blue, mauve, winetherapy, etc, etc., which in turn are characterized by being 2ab, 3ab, 4ab and 5ab (corresponds to the amount of beeswax that contains the formula) that they have in their composition, a natural resin, beeswax, paraffins, fragrance, pigments, can have titanium dioxide, etc. But we also have especially elastic waxes, our polymerized waxes.

What are the elastic waxes of STARPIL?

The elastic waxes of STARPIL They are low fusion waxes that in addition to the raw materials that compose them are integrated polymers.

Polymers are molecules that form a kind of network in the wax, giving it a special elasticity. This feature makes the wax easier application, and the client, if we have good application techniques, less discomfort.

They have the ability to extract all types of hair and very pleasant sensation for the client applying them in fine layers.

What waxes of STARPIL Do they carry polymers?

We have several low fusion elastic waxes that each of them tell with different very interesting characteristics.

All our waxes that are specified as elastic or film are polymerized.

Blue, Pink and Black Film: There are three low fusion waxes made with resins of natural origin. The elastic blue and black are two ideal crystalline waxes to shave bodily areas, such as English and armpits, and pink wax, which is ideal for facial hair removal because it is creamy.

Choral wax: The low choral fusion wax has a synthetic resin. It is an elastic wax to carry polymers and when prepared with another type of resin behaves differently, being able to perform with it the swinging technique.

Within the choral line we also have a replacement system or roll on and pre and post depilatory cosmetic.

CALÉNDULA Wax: The calendula wax is a friendly mus wax with the skin since it contains in its titanium dioxide composition and this makes it very creamy. In addition to carrying polymers in its composition, it has active antiseptic and reparative ingredients such as calendula extract and tea tree oil.

Within the calendula line we also have a replacement system or roll on and pre and post depilatory cosmetic.

Pure Vegan: The low fusion wax of our vegan line has a special formulation since the beeswax has been replaced, with oils of vegetable origin. The presence of these oils causes the wax to have a special and very respectful texture with the skin. It is a polymerized and crystalline wax, with a high hair extraction power.

Within the Pure Vegan line we also have a replacement system or roll on and with pre and post depilatory cosmetics. In addition, the Pure Vega line has a previous relaxation treatment for our client: "Conscious Waxing."