Differences between crystalline waxes and creamy waxes


It is very important for us to convey our goal:

"Transform depilatory treatment into a true beauty treatment"

This idea is based on an effective extraction of all types of hair and maximum skin care of our client.

Three factors to have excellent results in our treatments:

 Use high quality products.

  • Use of pre and post depilatory cosmetics.
  • Excellent application techniques.

For this reason we have variety in our waxes. The depilatory waxes of Starpil They are chosen according to the skin type. Our waxes have a very high capacity to remove all types of hair, fine and thick. What we have to observe is the type and status of the skin at the time of choosing the wax.

Questions that we must ask our client to be able to detect the sensitivity of your skin:

  • Do you have sensitive skin?
  • Do you need to hydrate your skin?
  • How do you react to the sun?

And to end the cosmetic diagnosis, in terms of skin sensitivity, we observe the characteristics of the skin. For example, another sign of very common skin fragility to observe some whitish peeling in half -legs, a sign of cosmetic dehydration, usually happens especially in winter that customers do not hydrate the skin so often. When this happens we have to keep in mind that the skin barrier is not entirely integral, therefore the skin will be more fragile.

Another point that must also be taken into account is skin care when our client wants to keep the tan, in these cases we can also work with creamy waxes.

In the event that our client presents sensitivity or fragility in their skin, then we will choose creamy waxes and if our client has their little sensitive skin we will choose crystalline waxes.

What is the difference between one wax?

Either in Roll On system, low fusion waxes and canned wax, Starpil It has different formulations to adapt to the type of skin.

Creamy waxes are waxes containing titanium dioxide in their formulation. Titanium dioxide is a dust of mineral origin, which makes wax more selective having more affinity for hair than by skin structure. This type of wax has less adherence to the skin, therefore, it is a way to take care of it in the cases of greater skin reactivity.

In addition, this soft adhesion to the skin somehow makes our client notice less discomfort during depilatory treatment.

Taking this point into account, creamy waxes are perfect for young women who usually have a lot of hair and less tolerance to discomfort and also for male hair removal.

Examples of very creamy waxes Starpil:

  • Roll on: Rosa, Creamy Pink, Cotton, Capuccino, Calendula, etc.
  • Can: Creamy Pink.
  • Low fusion: pink, ivory, elastic pink, calendula, etc.

We semi -weth waxes:

  • Roll on: carrot, vinotherapy, gold, mango, aloe vera, coral, etc.
  • Can: gold.
  • Low fusion: gold, vinotherapy, Malva, coral.

The crystalline waxes not having titanium dioxide in its composition, the wax has another type of adherence to the skin of our client, it is greater. That is why we choose them for skins that do not demonstrate signs of sensitivity or fragility.

Crystalline wax example Starpil:

  • Roll on: natural, olive oil, watermelon, blue, starsoft, algae, pure vegan.
  • Can: blue, natural, starsoft.
  • Low fusion: elastic blue, pure vegan, natural, vegetable, lavender.