Turn your waxing cabin into a luxury treatment

Convierte tu cabina de depilación en un tratamiento de lujo

Now waxing as a luxurious cabin treatment with Starsoft.

Your clients gives "stick" to shave ... we know it!

And as it is a necessary service, make it pleasant. Become a luxury cabin treatment. And put your profession and know how to do.

Starpil, leading brand in the world of professional hair removal, presents the change of image of its most luxurious line: Starsoft.

Selective cosmetic designs and colors:

Monocolor, elegant, different, modern, prestigious. Bright, attractive packs.

The most skin -respectful hair removal system.

It does not hurt, it does not burn, it does not smell, not enquist and starts all kinds of face and body hair: short, hard, blond, redhead, weak, and laser or photodepilation remains that are more difficult to remove because they are encaled or break .

A unique hair removal system in the world. A complete line that includes the following references:

  • Waxes
    • Roll-on
    • Low fusion wax in can
    • 1k pearl doypack
    • Low fusion wax in pills
  • Beauty line
    • 200 ml prepilter gel
    • 500 ml post epile acid cream
    • 200 ml post epil emulsion
    • Post epil oil of 200 m


 Beauty Waxing Deluxe :

Now you have the opportunity to introduce into your lounge a new hair removal system similar to a luxury body massage. So if they will want to come to shave!

The only wax in the world with assets:

  • Neurosensorials- minimize pain
  • Moisturizers-shave and respect the skin
  • Antihistamines- does not irritate or produce allergies

Consult our formators this new protocol and advance to the future.

Now hair removal as a luxurious cabin treatment with Starsoft.