What is acidic cream for?


The acid cream of Starpil in a post Epil cosmetic to be applied after hair removal with all types of waxes.

In our protocols we always apply it in facial areas as a post epil cosmetic, for its great repair power and because the facial zone is very exposed and its rapid regeneration is very important for the client.

Its use is also perfect when we notice, after depilatory treatment some skin redness due to the mechanical traction that is exerted on the skin when we remove the wax.

It contains in its composition different active ingredients oriented to restore the pH of the skin, to regenerate and hydrate.

Within its composition we highlight several active ingredients:

- Alantoin: With moisturizing action with great hydration power, therefore it is used to repair the barrier function of the skin.

- Avena sativa: It contains fatty acids which moisturizing properties. It is very useful in cases of red -up skins for its great soothing power.

- Olive oil: It has a powerful repair effect on the skin and great antioxidant power.

- Cutaneous pH regulatory component. It fulfills the great function of stabilizing the pH of the skin after treatment with hair waxes.

TIP: In a service where all body areas will be carried out, including the facial zone, we advise to start the depilatory treatment by the facial area and at the end of applying it Time that lasts the session. Apply fps 50.

 Ana Laura Vázquez.

Technical director Starpil.