Hair removal is one of the perennially perennial aesthetic problems that people encounter.

Women of almost every culture. And more and more men. Leg waxing, eyebrow waxing, upper lip and facial waxing. Nucas, arms... And increasingly more complex areas such as back, torso and in many cases integral depilations of the whole body.


But how to choose the most suitable system? We review the most demanded:

  • Laser: It is an expensive system if it is of quality, produces some allergies in the anesthesia especially if there is malpractice, and come out again over time. It is not recommended in youth or adolescence and also with hormonal changes.
  • Electric: It is easy for the hairs to break or split, so not all of them come out from the root, producing different growth rates and some red spots on sensitive skin. Not advisable in facial or delicate areas.
  • Blade: makes the hairs grow stronger, they become cystic, irritates the skin and lasts a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Creams: They split the hair, can irritate and do not last more than 48 hours.


It has a reputation that it hurts, burns and lasts 3 weeks at most. It is also true that you go to a center and ask for waxing, but you don't ask for a brand. So it is easy to have bad experiences.

The MIA team team has gone out to look for the leader. And we've managed to talk to the leading waxing line: Starpil.

 The inventors of the hair removal roll-on. A system they patented, which changed and revolutionized the industry forever. Nearly 40 years leading the hair removal market in the world. A system imitated by the competition but never improved.

STARPIL is present in 84 countries. The best beauty salons in the world choose this wax and this system. Creators of the IWA (International Waxing Academy), the International Waxing Contest and a Master Training Program.

"We don't pluck hairs, we do a real beauty treatment". Ana Laura, the training director of Starpil.

"We have more than 300 different waxes, for different skin types and areas. In roll-on, low melt and elastic. And we complement it with our protocols and body beauty rituals, which makes it a pleasure, and in which you also come out well waxed".

"We were pioneers in creating pre- and post-waxing cosmetics. A massage before waxing to get in touch with the client, relax her and remove the remains of body creams, sweat or other residues. A depilation with the technique of StarpilIt does not hurt, or hurts much less, it pulls out the hair by the root, and we finish with a massage with post depilatory cosmetics: acid cream for sensitive areas and mousse, cream or oil for the rest of the body".

"Depilatory Cosmetics STARPIL is made with the best active ingredients of natural origin that prepare and moisturize the skin for a perfect depilation, with excellent results that also help to delay hair growth. Skin care formulas. We think in global beauty, not in isolated hair removal" says Manu Soriano, the Laboratory Director.

-What are the benefits of waxing as a hair removal system?

It exfoliates, softens, slows growth up to 6 weeks if done well and with the correct application of pre and post cosmetics you come out with a wonderful skin. It should be a complete treatment. You should not go to the center as a "punishment because it touches the wax", but as a moment to relax and be waxed well. It is important. It's your skin. 

-Is it possible to continue the treatment at home?

Starpil is an exclusive category for beauty salons, but your salon can sell products such as Hair Puller oil, which helps to untangle trapped hairs and slows hair growth. And also a new product, the Coral illuminating dry oil. With golden pigments. It moisturizes, helps to close the pore and leaves dreamy legs with a shiny touch, ideal for summer. It is important not to use blades or emergency remedies at home between waxing and waxing.

- Waxing always hurts and burns?

The Roll on does not burn. If the professional has Starpil almost certainly has done our training, so the pull is gentle and you will have put pre-waxing cosmetics before. The elastic ones are low melting, so they do not burn either. On the other hand, good waxes such as Starpil stick to the hair, not the skin. So they can't pull the skin off, which is what causes us so much discomfort when that happens.

We also have a wax from the StarpilStarsoft, the only one with active ingredients on the market.

It does not hurt

No smell

Does not burn

It contains anesthetic, antihistaminic and moisturizing active ingredients. A marvel.

  • Where can I wax with Starpil?

 Ask at your reference center. It is in every city or country. But if you don't ask, you don't know...

People ask for a skin cleansing with x brand, or they like to go to a salon that has dyes or shampoos known, but they do not ask for a reliable hair removal brand,

It's time: Ask for Starpil and smile, and enjoy your hair removal.

Follow their RRSS, and look for information on their website if you are a center and want to know more.