Exfoliation of tattoos


The high quality of our depilatory waxes, added to the use of cosmetics and excellent application techniques are, without a doubt, the factors that transform a depilatory treatment into a beauty treatment.

The skin has three layers from the surface to depth: the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue. Depending on where the pigment is applied will be the duration.

For example, in the case of micropigmentation, the pigment is applied very superficially, in the epidermis, for this reason micropigmentation is reviewed every certain time.

The epidermis is a dynamic layer, it is not static. This means that it does not remain still. Specialized cutaneous cells, keratinocytes migrate to the surface, transforming to form the cornea layer, which acts as a barrier of skin protection. This is why micropigmentation is a non -permanent technique and you have to make reviews to maintain color and design intensity.

Tattoo pigments are introduced into the middle layer of the skin, the dermis. This layer does not work as the epidermis that is in a constant renewal.

The tattoo endures in the dermis for a lifetime. The metabolism of this layer does not imply replacement and therefore the ink is not eliminated.


Can hair removal delete a tattoo?

It is not impossible. A treatment with depilatory waxes cannot erase a tattoo. On the contrary we recommend its application on tattoo.

The reason is because the waxes produce a superficial mechanical exfoliation, but they never reach deeper layers, bone, never a depilatory wax will reach the dermis, where the pigment used to perform a tattoo is deposited.

In this way, when making a cutaneous exfoliation of the most superficial layer, it is a good skin treatment since by complementing it with the use of depilatory cosmetics, depilatory treatment is transformed into a true beauty treatment.

Why apply wax on a tattoo?

Because if we apply wax on a tattoo in a row we will be able to rekindle the intensity of the used diminishes.

Blue film wax, the perfect wax to exfoliate the skin

We recommend our Blue Film Wax. This low fusion wax contains its composition a resin of high quality plant origin, added to polymers that give it a special elasticity. Our elastic blue wax is a wax of excellent texture to perform a soft exfoliation to the skin and thus significantly improve the intensity of tattoo pigments.

 Protocol Starpil

Make six sessions about the tattooed zone, the ideal is once a week.

Steps to follow:

- Apply Prepile gel Starpil, in order to hygienize and prepare the skin.

- Apply the Blue Film Wax between two and three times on the tattooed zone in several directions.

- Clean the area of ​​possible wax remains well and apply a thin layer of Hair Puller. This product contains salicylic acid. This substance has several interesting skin properties and is perfect to complement a mechanical exfoliation. Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid, capable of exfolling the skin in a very soft and harmless way, the cosmetic concentration of this substance in Hair Puller at no time can irritate the skin.

In this way we will perform a mechanical exfoliation and another chemical.

We can, to finish the treatment, apply the post epil delayed mousse or the delayed emulsion of Starpil.

We recommend the client apply the Hair Puller three to 4 times per week on his tattoo and use sun protection in which exposure.

Revives tattoos with blue film wax and will look much more alive and beautiful

 Ana Laura Vázquez. Advisor