Hair removal frequency

Frecuencia de la depilación

Without a doubt, waxes favors weakening and growth times of the hair of all body areas. He hair refines notoriously, areas with less hair appear and many times, according to the body area, Even its growth disappears.

Why is it so important to start shaped treatments before summer?

It is demonstrated that the mechanical traction that exerts a depilatory wax on the hair follicle and its structure that gives its origin and drives growth, is affected due to this type of mechanical force exerted for extraction. This result is not achieved, so positive, if we perform hair removal with methods such as blade or depilatory creams since we only cut the hair stem, leaving its intact root inside the follicular channel.

So that this mechanical force applied in the hair structure is resolutive must be shave in a certain phase of hair growth (The hair has four phases since it is born to its fall, hair growth is cyclical, therefore it falls and is born again through each of these phases). AND Finding hair in the active-effective phase is not only possible in a sessionNot all hair is in the same phase at the same time.
For this reason it is very important Start in advance to summer, which will be the time where our final client puts more interest in weakening hair and depilatory treatments to gradually weaken the hair, in quality and growth times.

How often do you have to go to the beauty center?

At first we recommend following hair growth. We want to say, make a first session and then follow hair growth, we refer to more followed sessions to take 100% of the hair in its active phase. It usually happens that the first sessions are made in 15 days to gradually work in their effective phase to all hair.

After these sessions already We will have the total hair in a more even growth phase In order to be more resolutive in monthly or bimonnsual sessions depending on the area to be treated and the strength of the hair.

And a plus of applying depilatory waxes before summer ...

Recall that our depilatory waxes, applied with good techniques and with pre and post depilatory cosmetics, perform a slight exfoliation of the most superficial layers of the epidermis. And in this way we will also prepare and improve the skin for summer.
The application protocols for Starpil They are true beauty treatments, where we shave and treat the skin of our client.

Ana Laura Vázquez.

Technical and Training Advisor of Starpil.