As manufacturers of products for depilatory and beauty treatments, we emphasize high quality products, the use of pre and post-depilatory cosmetics and on teaching and training professionals in excellent techniques of application of our waxes. Our intention is, without a doubt, to transform hair removal treatments into true beauty treatments, where both the user and the aesthetics professional experience hair removal as a beauty treatment, where both enjoy the treatment from the beginning to the end. final. A new vision of living hair removal.

That is why Starpil presents a new post-depilatory cosmetic to be applied in the cabin after the depilatory treatment.

Yes, we have created a geloid-type mask for the intimate areas, groin and armpits.

It is a mask that contains in its composition:

  • Oryza sativa (rice bran oil): With excellent soothing, anti-irritant and moisturizing properties.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus Powder (marine algae): Bio-sustainable ingredient with high antioxidant and anti-aging capacity for the skin.
  • Camellia Sinensis: with soothing, antioxidant and softening properties.
  • Maris sal (sea salt): Keeps the skin in a healthy condition.

What effect does it have on the skin?

The effects are immediate, in addition to the fact that the sensation for our client is very pleasant, because it calms and refreshes the skin, both perfect sensations to finish the depilatory treatment.

Since these active agents are formulated in a geloid-type cosmetic form, the occlusive effect is also added, also favoring the moisturizing of the area to be treated. We mean by this, that Starpil Jelly Mask prevents the natural evaporation of skin water, in this way a deep hydration is carried out, significantly favoring the hydration and quality of the skin.

When do I apply it?

Our Jelly Mask is a post-depilatory cosmetic whose main objective is to soothe the area treated with waxes.

Waxing protocol in English:

  • Apply the Prepil Gel.
  • Perform hair removal with low melting wax. Be careful not to leave traces of wax on the skin.
  • Apply the appropriate post-depilatory cosmetic. At Starpil we have several appropriate products: the Post Epil Retardant Emulsion, the Post Epil Retardant Mousse, in case the skin looks very red, we have the Acid Cream with great regenerating power.
  • Prepare the mixture with Jelly mask water and apply it taking care that the edges are very clean to be able to extract the mask in one piece.
  • Reapply the appropriate post epil cosmetic to finish the comprehensive regenerating treatment.

Ana Laura Vázquez - Technical advisor.