Hair removal is not just about "pulling out hairs"


Starpil, the world leader in waxing, launches a health awareness campaign with a powerful headline.


Maystar Group, a professional beauty holding company headquartered in Torredembarra, launches a campaign to promote good practices in hair removal and encourage people seeking hair removal services to request and demand information about available methods, qualities, and techniques.

"The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it's important to eliminate hair without harming the skin," says Ana Laura D. (Trainer for the Starpil brand).

"This is an opaque sector. There is a lot of information, but it doesn't reach professionals or the general public. Clients go to a salon and ask for half-leg, bikini, or facial hair removal, but they don't ask about brands or know about qualities and techniques," says David Olesti, Marketing Director of Maystar Group.

The company has its own factories in Torredembarra, Manresa, Milan, and Brazil. They manufacture everything from roll-ons to waxes, heaters, and pre- and post-depilatory cosmetics (they are the inventors of the first depilatory roll-on).

There are waxes available for all skin types and preferences.

Premium Waxes: Coral, Calendula, Pure Vegan, and Starsoft, the only wax in the world with neurosensory, antihistaminic, and moisturizing active ingredients.

"Training is essential to minimize pain or make it less painful. It helps the hair removal last up to three weeks or more without harming the skin. We also have very pleasant protocols that include massages, microcirculation activation, and relaxation. Pre- and post-depilatory cosmetics play an essential role in this," says Davinia, the Technical Director of Starpil.

The brand is built on three fundamental pillars: innovation, quality, and training. One cannot go without the other.

The campaign has a Manifesto that reads as follows

Our mission as market leaders is to continue creating innovative formulas to help professionals provide competitive and effective beauty depilation treatments. Raising awareness in society about seeking and requesting information is important because every skin is different, and accuracy lies in the diagnosis.

We believe that it is the responsibility of all of us in the beauty sector to promote health awareness. That's our reason for being.

The Starpil Manifesto, a pioneering and innovative brand, inventor of the roll-on and a global leader in sales, calls their Manifesto "Wax, Add and Continue" and is signed by the world's best waxers. They advocate and work to use professional waxing as a beauty treatment and skincare practice, and here are some of the reasons they have contributed.

Our Manifesto

Wax, Add and Continue.

1 The skin is the largest organ of the body. Take care of it because it's forever. 2 Professional waxing is the only method without contraindications. 3 It is suitable for all skin types. 4 It is suitable for all phototypes. 5 With proper technique, it doesn't hurt or causes minimal discomfort (pain threshold varies).
6 With good heaters, it doesn't burn. 7 It builds customer loyalty, as they opt for other treatments. 8 There are different waxes for each hair type: fine, short, ingrown, coarse, pigment-free, etc. 9 It can be performed on all facial and body areas. 10 There are over 30 references to choose from based on the area and skin types.
11 Performing waxing well is very satisfying for a professional. 12 Waxing is one of the most profitable treatments for a salon. 13 It is a comprehensive beauty treatment with sophisticated protocols. 14 It exfoliates and regenerates the skin. 15 It adds shine and revitalizes tattoos.
16 You can sunbathe after waxing. 17 You can have it done all year round. 18 The quality of the wax DOES matter. 19 The technique DOES matter. 20 The brand DOES matter.
21 It lasts longer than shaving, creams, or electric methods without damaging the pores or skin. 22 It is not permanent, but over time, the hair weakens, and it has no contraindications. 23 It is affordable for all budgets. 24 Depilatory treatments value the work of professionals and time spent in the treatment room.

Starpil is also known for its World Waxing Championship. The campaign is aimed at professionals from the world's best salons. This campaign is part of their VITAL BEAUTY philosophy and is promoted by Starpil in collaboration with the MAYSTAR HERITAGE FOUNDATION.