Male hair removal


More and more men are turning to hair removal, especially when practicing certain sports or simply for aesthetic and comfort reasons. An appropriate hair removal protocol and waxes suitable for strong hair are essential to achieve the best and long-lasting results.

It is very important to examine the condition of the skin in the area to be depilated before choosing the most suitable type of wax for each hair removal. It is also important to know the correct application techniques for different types of wax. This way, we can combine different products such as roll-on or canned wax, and low-melting waxes for particularly sensitive areas on the same client.

Let's remember the determining factors for a perfect result:

  • Excellent quality waxes and pre- and post-depilatory cosmetics
  • Proper use of pre- and post-depilatory cosmetics
  • Excellent application techniques

By fulfilling each of these factors, we ensure the efficacy of the hair removal treatment and the well-being of our client.

Men often remove hair from their legs, back, and chest, and generally, the hair in these areas is thick and strong, with higher density compared to women.

Starpil recommends using the roll-on system for large areas such as legs, back, abdomen, and low-melting wax for more delicate areas such as armpits, groin, and facial hair removal.

Before starting the hair removal treatment, it is essential to evaluate the condition of the client's skin. The wax we choose will depend on this cosmetic diagnosis and not on the hair type since all our waxes, with our application techniques, remove all hair types.

If we perceive that our client has sensitive skin or shows signs of cosmetic dehydration, indicating a compromised protective skin barrier, we will choose creamy waxes with titanium dioxide that have a greater affinity for hair than for the skin. This way, they are very respectful to our client's skin. If the skin does not exhibit sensitivity, then we will choose crystalline waxes with better adherence.

At this point, we can ask the client about allergies, sensitivity, intolerance to cosmetics, systemic diseases, or other aspects to prevent possible skin reactions.

    Step by Step

      1. The treatment room where we will work should be well-equipped. Good lighting, cleanliness, pleasant temperature, music, candles. It is important to consider that hair removal is also a beauty treatment. Let's welcome our client in a pleasant space that invites them to come back.
      2. As always, the application of Prepil Gel is essential, as it serves two purposes. On one hand, it cleanses and contains natural antiseptic agents, and on the other hand, it prepares the integrity of the skin's protective barrier to receive the hair removal treatment.
      3. If the client is having a facial hair removal service, in addition to other body areas, we recommend starting the treatment with the face area. It is highly beneficial for the skin to apply Starpil's Acid Cream as a post-epilation treatment and leave it as a mask on the treated area during the body hair removal. Remember that the facial area is crucial for our client. And let's not forget to always apply sun protection.
      4. We will be very careful with the client's privacy, covering them at all times and exposing only the area to be treated.
      5. For hair removal treatments on large areas such as legs, back, and torso, we suggest primarily using the roll-on system and considering low-melting wax for more delicate areas such as the chest or specific areas on the legs, such as the popliteal hollow, inner thigh, or posterior thigh.
      6. As post-depilatory cosmetics, any of our post-products are designed to regenerate and hydrate the skin. For male hair removal, we want to highlight the Post Epil Retarding Mousse, as it has a very light and refreshing texture with regenerating and hydrating active agents, ideal for men who may feel uncomfortable with the sensation of a cream cosmetic. Our Post Epil Mousse is ideal.
      7. Always remember to apply sunscreen to exposed areas.

      Ana Laura Vázquez - Medical Cosmetology Technician.

      Starpil Technical Advisor.