Hair removal in spring

La Depilación en Primavera

In spring it is when more earrings we are of hair removal and also the season of the year in which the skin is more sensitive, increasing adverse reactions to the slightest abrasion.

Sensitive skinsthey supposed, 30 years ago, a common problem in the30% of the populationCurrently they surpass 50%. To the genetic and hereditary causes we must add other factors such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, bad diet, stress and abuse of gels, soaps and deodorants.
The wax is still one of the preferred methods of many womenAnd, as we have indicated, more than 50% will suffer from hypersensitivity in the dermis after hair removal, above all, of the most delicate areas such as English and armpits.

How should we act to expark a sensitive skin?

The first tip ishydrateIn depth the skin before waxing with wax, the skin will be more elastic, humid and with greater recovery power.
Since MayStar, we consider a basic need forCreation of a wax specifically indicated for this type of skinThat is already a problem for more than half of women. TheColophonies That contain the depilatory waxes, as well as other components, can increase problems in sensitized skins.

The solution:Starsoft.

Starsoft is the perfect response for the skin that requires careful treatment. All the products of this line areDermatologically tested and formulated with neurosensorial active principlesthat promote rapid recovery from the skin and produce aImmediate reparative effect.

Starsoft is a new and exclusive hair removal concept that covers skin care. This new treatment facilitates obtaining excellent hair removal results and leaves smooth, hydrated and red-free skin.