The benefits of depilating with chocolate wax

Los beneficios de depilarse con cera de chocolate

It is no surprise, knowing that people experience pleasant moments associated with happiness and well-being when we eat chocolate since it contains tryptophan, an amino acid used by the brain to produce serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that produces feelings of happiness at the same time which can stimulate the release of endorphins, producing a feeling of euphoria.

What can surprise us is that there are scientific studies that have shown that chocolate also has a large number of benefits for our health, hair and skin. More specifically, chocolate improves hydration, skin thickness, microcirculation and also provides protection against UV rays of the sun.

For these reasons, the use of chocolate for embellishment purposes has become very popular in modern spas and beauty salons. The procedures carried out with chocolate products are part of a general health treatment called Chocotherapy and its growing demand has promoted the creation and promotion of "Chocotherapy products".

Chocolate has become a prominent product within the world of beauty, and is that it has excellent skin properties. It gives hydration, antioxidants and contributes to it is firmer and smaller. But this is not all, it has also turned out to be an incredible ingredient to enjoy a smooth and less aggressive hair removal by applying warm wax elaborated from elements derived from cocoa and other nutritional components.

Hair removal with chocolate wax is not only effective to extract body hair, but it is a real pleasure for all skin skin. It is a type of innovative warm wax that is made from the combination of super moisturizing ingredients and nutritious for the skin, such as cocoa, beeswax, almond oil or vitamin E. It is this composition that It makes it an ideal product to protect the smoothness and delicacy of the skin during hair removal, being perfect for those dry or very dry skins.

Derived from cocoa beans, chocolate contains natural fat. Although many avoid consuming fat for health reasons, the truth is that our body needs a certain amount of it because it helps keep the skin hydrated. Therefore, chocolate is very useful to hydrate the skin.

Thus, we can highlight the following benefits of depilating with chocolate:

Starting the root hair completely safe and nothing aggressive.

Easy drive.

Soothing properties.

Moisturizing properties.

Fit for very dry skin.

Leave a pleasant aroma on the skin.

This type of hair removal with chocolate, by leaving the skin much softer, hydrated and beautiful, can be done in different areas of the body. It allows to extract the root hair both in delicate body and face areas, so in addition to the legs or arms, it is possible to apply it over English, armpits and upper lip. The wax is applied to a warm temperature so there is no risk of causing burns or irritations on the skin.

Corps areas to expark with chocolate wax

It can be used in delicate areas such as English, armpits and upper lip (a low melting wax is advised).

Since a thin layer of skin is eliminated during hair removal, the chocolate antioxidant and moisturizing properties make a perfect combination to help protect the skin during hair removal and keep it smooth and healthy afterwards.

Getting a good hair removal that gets soft and delicate loss is relatively simple with chocolate wax. Like the hot wax, it is applied with a spatula and extends delicately by all areas. Hair removal with chocolate wax extracts hair from the root respecting the skin in a very delicate way, can be used both in the body and face. Therefore, it has become a very popular ingredient in wax products.

Chocolate waxes have a thick texture, so they adhere quickly to the skin and dry quickly, which means that the wax hair removal procedure will be fast and successful. This is due to the fact that these products still contain the natural characteristics of cocoa butter, which is thickened by nature.

With chocolate wax, there is no need to add chemical components to thicken wax, making it suitable for people who are allergic to chemical products, such as artificial colors, fragrances or additives used in products marketed. This is a great advantage that they have over other waxes that are not made of natural components.

In addition, the exquisite aroma of chocolate makes the wax experience very pleasant and that it emphasizes that its fragrance remains even after hair removal.

Chocolate wax is perfect for hair removal since it is very easy to handle and dries quickly, allowing perfect removal. It is also used for specially sensitive areas such as English or upper lip. This type of wax has become one of the preferred products for intimate hair removal.

After hair removal with chocolate, your skin will be perfectly smooth without trace of hair and very hydrated and soft. To enhance its effects, we advise you equally extending on the dermis a good moisturizer that avoids the appearance of granites and redness. You can also make use of some natural products such as Aloe Vera.