40 years ago, a day like today. . .
It was January 22.
The sky was clear and very starry.
More of May, than January.
Jesús Bonan, the founder of this company, my father, read it as a good omen as it was the first day that this company was built.

Therefore, Maystar is the name of what is now a worldwide symbol of family cosmetics family business.

At that time I was 10 years old, and I remember the smell of waxes, creams. I remember the noise of the role tests, of the first machines. I felt as if that company had always been there.

It was "located" as soon as they were born. And destined to lead.

Innovating and surprising was normal. And 40 years later we continue to lead the hair removal market, we continue to grow with the skin and disposable category, opening new subsidiaries, getting patents, awards, creating philosophy, creating quarry with the Maystar Heritage Foundation. And having the longest company in Spain of hairdressing, with Eva Professional Hair Care.

To say that we are dedicated to creating beauty and well -being would be the rational part, what all laboratories do.

But the true challenge is our will to transfer, excite and be part of your face, your body and your soul. We want to be partners of your safety and brightness. Be creators of illusion. That is the biggest motivation to get treatments to be a pleasure and one of the best moments of the day.


Being the beauty partner in the best cabins in the world has been and will be our pride. Having the best distributors in the world the best endorse profession that this year will give much to talk about.


Thank you for being on our way and making step at the next level. Celebrates with us, which is also your success,


Dennis Bonan