No doubt that Starpil He has marked the big difference in the world of waxes being that around the 90's Bonan, the current president of the company, was the creator of the Roll On system. Yes, a perfectly well thought hair removal system to give the aesthetics professional: security, hygiene and speed in their work. No doubt a perfect hair removal system.

Also Starpil He has created, in those years, an ideal chemical formulation to be able to correctly use the roll on, which until today is maintained and offers excellent results using it with good application techniques.

Starpil, after the creation of the Roll On system, which has patented for 10 years, has built a path that has been growing based on research, creation and seriousness to become one of the world's leaders in the world of waxes depilatory, pre and post depilatory cosmetics, depilatory and beauty protocols and application techniques with the main objective of helping the aesthetics professional to improve their cabin work. We are aware that working with depilatory waxes is not a simple job, therefore we also feel responsible for manufacturing and in addition to

 train our clients to work better.

The Roll ON system today is the most imitated depilatory system worldwide, and has not been overcome, therefore our creation is still so in force and effective.

And as if that were not enough, we have also been innovative in the formulations of the depilatory waxes of low fusion since we have one of the premium lines worldwide for the choice of their raw materials and application protocols. Starsoft (2016), unique worldwide for innovation to introduce a synthetic type resin together with the neurosensory active ingredients that minimize discomfort and possible redness, always with good application techniques. The line also has regenerating assets, moisturizing, soothing, dermatologically tested, free of fragrances, pigments and parabens. We dare to say that the low -fusion wax of Starsoft has been one of Rosin Free's first options in the national and international market, a trend that grows by leaps and bounds today, the waxes Rosin Free, also also Starpil It has been part of its creation and use in depilatory waxes. Something that today is also a worldwide trend.

Starpil It has also been one of the first manufacturers that has introduced polymers in its formulas in its low fusion waxes. Simple molecules that are linked forming networks that give low fusion waxes a special elasticity. Our Blue Film's low elastic fusion wax, which will be almost 10 years old, is undoubtedly one of the premium waxes of Starpil, a crystalline wax, respectful of the skin, a wax that does not fail if I apply it with good techniques and correctly control its temperature.

After these two "births" Starpil He has not stopped on the way to create and offer the professional of aesthetics true wonders in the world of waxes. Lines such as Coral, Calendula, Pure Vegan, Gliter Wax (Gold and Jade) are undoubtedly a very high quality for the choice of their raw materials and the perfect combination of them. Each of them with an excellent power to extraction of all types of hair and all body areas.


Technique in Medical Cosmetology.

Ana Laura Vázquez.