Why is post depilatory cosmetics important?


Our clearest objective, as cosmetic manufacturers, is to transform depilatory treatment into a true beauty treatment. For this, several points are needed to take into account and gradually introduce improvements and changes in our hair removal cabin.

There are several actions for this transformation that will undoubtedly be positive for your client and for your business.

And without a doubt the use of pre and post depilatory cosmetics contribute that brushstroke of beauty treatment, where the client quickly detects special care of your skin during the session.

In Starpil We have several cosmetic forms adapted for different bodily areas since it is very important to treat each body area specifically after the application of depilatory waxes.

To Starpil, a treatment with hair waxes is also a care treatment for the skin of our client where skin hygiene is performed with Prepile gel, a soft exfoliation with high quality depilatory waxes and to end it applies post -depilatory, antioxidant and moisturizing cosmetic. A perfect beauty treatment, where we shave and in turn embellish, treat and take care of the skin.

The treatment is always begun with the use of Prepile gel which has two functions, on the one hand perform skin hygiene and on the other hand prepare the integrity of the cutaneous barrier to receive depilatory treatment.

The next step is to make a good choice of wax type according to our client's area and status. We know that performing a treatment with depilatory waxes is not easy, for that reason we emphasize good application techniques, remember that a poorly applied depilatory wax can harm our client. Starpil It constantly seeks how to improve and train aesthetics professionals to facilitate the use of our waxes. For our company, training is one of the pillars.

Different post depilatory cosmetics Starpil:

Post Epil Retardant Emulsion: It is a light or/w emulsion that hydrates, regenerates and retards hair growth. It has active antioxidant agents of plant origin. It can be applied in all body areas. In our protocols, for extensive areas such as the legs, we mix it with a few drops of post epil oil and create an emulsion with more oily component in order to hydrate more in depth the treated area, performing a pleasant massage to our client.

Post epil oil: It is an oil enriched with oils of vegetable origin. Designed to eliminate possible wax remains on the skin.

→ Post epil acid cream: Cutaneous PH Center. In addition to having several active ingredients of plant origin with repair, antioxidant and moisturizing function. Quick soothing action.

→ Hair Puller: It is an aqueous solution that contains salicylic acid to a very safe cosmetic concentration. We indicate it to apply at home, since one of its main indications is in the enquistado hair and prevention of superficial folliculitis, as is given in some individuals. In the event that our client tells us that he has a predisposition to having superficial folliculitis in the English zone, for example, then we will use it in the same session. The steps to follow would be: prepil gel, wax hair removal, application of Hair Puller and we end with post depilatory cosmetics that we could choose the retarding mousse.

Post epil retardant mousse: It is the perfect cosmetic to be applied in areas such as English and armpits and when we perform male hair removal, since it has no fatty component and provides a very light and fresh sensation to our client. Share the same composition as post Epil retardant emulsion.

 The high quality of products Starpil, good wax application techniques and the use of pre and post depilatory cosmetics transform depilatory treatment into a true beauty treatment.

 Ana Laura Vázquez. Maystar technical advisor.