Undoubtedly, when a client who has recently given birth arrives, she is a very special client. At Starpil, we can offer you several tips to truly provide a premium service and differentiate yourself.
If the bikini area is among the areas to be waxed, we will need to know if the client has undergone any type of intervention such as an episiotomy. If so, we need medical clearance to work comfortably.

It is always important to consider that a woman who has recently given birth may be more sensitive than usual. Added to this is the likelihood that she is tired due to caring for the newborn. So, we would say she is a very special client and we will take extra care when working, always emphasizing minimizing discomfort, as they tend to have heightened sensitivity.


  • Choose low melting point waxes or creamy roll-on systems for extensive areas to minimize discomfort.
  • In sensitive areas such as the bikini line, armpits, and face, we will always use low melting point waxes.
  • Use pre and post-depilatory cosmetics. We emphasize the use of Acid Cream, whose composition is designed for rapid skin regeneration. The client may comment that they feel a special sensitivity after childbirth.
  • In exposed areas, as in all cases, we will apply SPF 50 sunscreen as our client's hormonal response may still be affected after childbirth, making their pigmentary system vulnerable to UV radiation. We will be especially careful.
  • We will apply the waxes with very good techniques. Keep in mind that even an excellent wax without a good application technique can harm our client's skin.
  • It is very important to consider the application techniques of different types of waxes.
  • Special care must be taken with the temperature of low melting point waxes. The wax should not drip off the spatula. It is important to be able to control the wax in terms of its texture. We should be able to make a wax ball without it dripping.
  • When removing, whether using a hygienic strip or a low melting point wax plate, we must properly stretch the skin. This minimizes discomfort, irritation, and makes hair extraction more effective.
  • In sensitive areas such as the bikini line and armpits, we should work slowly, with small plates of low melting point waxes, from the outside to the inside of the area.
For these types of clients, pregnant and postpartum, it is necessary to take more time for the client. Hair removal is a beauty treatment, and we cannot work in a rushed manner.

Ana Laura Vázquez
Technical in Medical Cosmetology.