It is very common to see that people who normally depilate, often find themselves in trouble with the issue of hair removal. Especially in the summer season when we are more exposed, by the type of clothing, and the type of activities that are performed, such as beach, pool, outdoor sports, etc.. In addition to this, beauty salons have their schedules full due to the demand for depilatory treatments.

It is very important, at this time of the year, to book the appointment with enough time in advance to perform the depilatory treatment once a month, which is the approximate time needed for the hair to grow and be treated with depilatory waxes. That is why we suggest to the esthetic professionals in the same session to schedule the client for a next appointment one month ahead. In this way we assure the client and also has the commitment and peace of mind of not having any problems with collapsed agendas.

In our depilatory and beauty treatment protocols, we suggest a combination of a refill or roll on system for large areas such as legs, back and low melting waxes for more sensitive areas such as face, bikini line and underarms.


Within our catalog we have many roll on options. Crystalline, semi-creamy, creamy roll on. And they all work well with all hair types. The creamy roll on option is indicated for sensitive skins and the crystalline ones for resistant skins. We always suggest choosing the roll on according to the type and condition of the skin where it will be applied.

Starpil has been the creator of the roll on system, also known as the refill system.

This depilatory system has several advantages in busy seasons:

  • On the one hand it makes the depilatory treatment fast. With a good application technique, the results are perfect and very fast. Taking into account its correct application, with the roll on system I do not need to repeat application and in fact we do not suggest it since it has a strong adherence to the skin. If the professional works well, taking care not to harm the client, waxing entire legs takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • It is a very hygienic system. In fact, it has been designed to be single-use. An absolutely clean system.
  • It is very safe. The roller system of our refills lowers the temperature of the wax, which is approximately 80ºC, to about 37-39ºC.

And a point to keep in mind and that the professional should comment to their customers is that depilatory waxes remove the hair from the root and does not cut it. In this way the growth times change. It is assumed that when the technique of applying a depilatory wax is done correctly, approximately one month should pass between sessions. And it is also very important to transmit to the client that if he/she is constant with the use of waxes, little by little the hair will weaken and that if we cut the hair, either with a razor or with depilatory creams, no aspect of the hair will be modified, in addition to the fact that when hair is shaved or cut it grows very quickly.

Ana Laura Vazquez

Medical Cosmetology Technician.