Points to take into account for an excellent result in hair removal

Puntos a tener en cuenta para un excelente resultado en la depilación

Undoubtedly, depilatory treatment is a very special service within a beauty center.

It has several "lazy" points, so to speak. On the one hand it is a treatment that produces certain discomfort to the final customer. On the other hand, depilatory wax is a product that if we do not take into account the continuous hygiene of the cabin material, its correct maintenance becomes increasingly difficult. It is also added that depilatory treatment (as described by the user), produces certain inconveniences such as: unwanted irritations, skin detachment, burns, bruises. This type of consequences are absolutely avoidable, is due to incorrect application techniques and should not occur in a beauty treatment, such as hair removal.

Starpil, world leader as manufacturers of depilatory waxes, pre and post depilatory cosmetic, application protocols and inventors of the Roll On system, which this says a lot about us, emphasizes three factors, which if they really are fulfilled, we ensure a Excellent result in wax hair removal.


  • High quality in all products

It is the simplest factor if we decide to introduce Starpil In our center. It is essential that the quality of depilatory waxes is excellent, a poor quality depilatory wax is very noticeable to detect since it breaks and is attached to the client's skin, producing more irritation, more discomfort when you want to withdraw and greater loss of time .


  • Use of pre and post depilatory cosmetics

Recall that depilatory waxes apply to our client's skin. Not only we have to have hair extraction. We have to take care of the skin very closely. Therefore, the use of our pre and post depilatory cosmetics is essential.

  • Excellent application techniques

This, without a doubt, is the most complicated point since it is about using the best application techniques at the time of working with depilatory waxes. As manufacturer, Starpil He emphasizes this point. In fact we believe that it is much of our work to teach, educate and collaborate with professionals to improve their work. For us education is one of the most important pillars.


Fulfilling these three points we will be able to transform the depilatory treatment in a beauty treatment into a beauty treatment.

And an end point that also to take into account:

Receive your client in a pleasant cabin. Prepare it with relaxing music, adequate lighting, pleasant fragrances. Transforms depilatory treatment into a sensory experience, a true beauty treatment.

Live hair removal.


Ana Laura Vázquez

Technical and Forming Advisor Starpil.