As creators of the roll-on system, Starpil Continue collaborating and making its contribution in this new launch of a complete roll-on line with agents Assets of natural origin. Yes, we have inspired ourselves in the meadow and its most characteristic flora.

- Lavender.
- Chamomile.
- Mint.
- Olive.
- Rosemary.
- Always alive.

We have infused the best known herbs into the roll-on. In addition to good application techniques, use of pre and post depilatory cosmetics We continue to bet on real beauty treatments when we shave.

Roll-on hair removal provides excellent results. Thanks to the type of resins with which it is manufactured, it can be used at a higher temperature than low fusion wax, but when applied with a finer strip it cools almost immediately and the heat does not perceive. It is easily retired with hygienic bands.

From Starpil We recommend the use of the Roll-on system for extensive areas, such as legs, back and for the most fragile areas, such as English, armpits and face, our low fusion waxes of high quality.

The Naturdepil line is also accompanied by pre and post depilatory cosmetics for perfect care of our client's skin.

NATURDEPIL PRE and POST COSMETICS is made with excellent active agents of plant origin that prepare cleaning, regenerating and hydrating the skin for perfect hair removal with excellent results.



Of fresh and light texture. Prepare the skin and clean before the depilatory treatment, facilitating better hair extraction. It fulfills the important function of regenerating the skin before receiving the soft exfoliation generated by the depilatory wax. Ideal for absolute skin care.

With active ingredients such as mentol, chamomile extract and hamamelis water.


  • Relax
  • Refreshes
  • Disinfect
  • Depth clean any type of waste: body creams, sweat
  • Soften the hair, which minimizes discomfort
  • Hydrates dry skin, with what protects it at the time of hair removal.
  • It is antibacterial

With a pleasant Geloid texture and fresh mentolated fragrance. It is always applied and before in all bodily, facial and body areas with a slight massage until its total absorption.


Post Epil Naturdepil Emulsion

Hydrates, regenerates and calms the skin leaving it soft and hydrated.

Vegetable oils hydrate and regenerate the skin by recovering it quickly after depilatory treatment.

With active ingredients such as melon extract, Asian sparkles, plant extracts

  • Slot growing hair
  • Hydrate
  • Clean
  • Softens
  • It is antioxidant

It is an eLight mulsion with a gentle fruity fragrance. It applies after depilatory treatment in any area of ​​the body.

Apply by means of ascending circular movements on the skin after hair removal.



Immediately recovers the pH of the skin by performing a rapid epidermal regeneration due to the presence of allantoine.

Thanks to oat extract, it restores skin moisture levels, hydrating and relieving possible redness.

The main active ingredients to highlight are the extract of olive and oatmeal oil, allantoine.

  • Hydrate
  • Regenera
  • Stabilize the pH of the skin
  • Calm

It is an ideal cream to be applied after facial hair removal and in bodily areas that may be reddened after depilatory treatment.


Naturdepil is a phytotherapy and nature hair removal therapy



Ana Laura Vázquez

Technical Advisor Starpil.