For us, waxing is a true beauty treatment. It's a comprehensive treatment where we remove all types of hair and also treat our client's skin, accompanied by a relaxing treatment. We want our clients to feel comfortable and, above all, well cared for. We want them to feel like they're truly undergoing a beauty treatment.

We know that just the act of hair removal can cause some discomfort to our clients, but there are several factors to consider to minimize discomfort, reduce redness, and impress our clients with our products and application protocols.


There are several points to consider:
  • Keeping the cabin organized and tidy. It's very important to be very meticulous because working with wax can be uncomfortable if we're not very careful.
  • Using high-quality products. By using our products, we ensure this point.
  • Using pre and post-depilatory cosmetics. This point is essential if we really want to perform a comprehensive treatment. We have to consider that the skin is an organ of protection and presentation. Therefore, it's very important to take care of it during the waxing session.
The use of our Prepil Gel is a good start to the waxing treatment. Prepil Gel prepares the skin perfectly to receive wax. Its application is very important as it temporarily repairs the skin's outermost layer to ensure that there is an optimal skin barrier.
Starpil offers a wide range of products perfectly adaptable to the area and condition of the skin after treatment. Post-depilatory cosmetics are key to truly making waxing a comprehensive treatment.

We recommend:

→ Post Epil Retardant Emulsion: It's a light O/W emulsion that moisturizes, regenerates, and delays hair growth. It contains antioxidant active agents of plant origin. It can be applied to all body areas. In our protocols, for extensive areas such as the legs, we mix it with a few drops of Post Epil Oil to create an emulsion with more oily components to hydrate the treated area more deeply, performing a pleasant massage for our client.
→ Post Epil Oil: It's an oil enriched with vegetable oils. Designed to remove any wax residues on the skin.
→ Post Epil Acid Cream: It rebalances the skin's pH. In addition to containing several active ingredients of plant origin with repairing, antioxidant, and moisturizing functions. Quick soothing action.
→ Hair Puller: It's an aqueous solution that contains salicylic acid at a very safe cosmetic concentration. We recommend its application at home, as one of its main indications is for ingrown hair and prevention of superficial folliculitis, as occurs in some individuals. In the case that our client tells us that they are predisposed to having superficial folliculitis in the groin area, for example, then we will use it in the same session. The steps to follow would be: Prepil Gel, waxing, application of Hair Puller, and we finish with post-depilatory cosmetics that we could choose the Delaying Mousse.
→ Post Epil Delaying Mousse: It's the perfect cosmetic to be applied in areas such as the groin and armpits and when we perform male waxing since it doesn't have a greasy component and provides a very light and fresh sensation to our client. It shares the same composition as the Post Epil Retardant Emulsion.
- And finally, one of the very important points, having good application techniques. A difficult but basic point to work correctly without harming our client.

Ana Laura Vázquez
Medical Cosmetology Technician
Technical Advisor Maystar.