Undoubtedly, the wedding day is an unforgettable occasion that remains etched in our memories forever. It's a very special day, especially for the bride, who prepares in advance for that day and, of course, for the "honeymoon."

And waxing, of course, is part of this pre-wedding preparation. But it is very important to consider everything that involves a perfect waxing session with waxes.

Very important points to consider:

- Find a beauty center where we are sure they work properly. Ideally, find a center where they work with quality and Starpil protocols. The focus of the treatment is truly oriented towards hair and skin care, a true beauty treatment. It is essential that the professional works with good application techniques to minimize possible irritations and discomfort and make her client feel pampered and relaxed.

- Waxing not only removes unwanted hair but also exfoliates the skin. Therefore, it would also be a treatment for the skin and could be compared to a facial treatment where we clean, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin. This is very noticeable, especially in areas like legs or arms, the skin improves.

- It is very important to treat the skin several weeks in advance. For example, in the case of ingrown hair, the combination of: twice a week mechanical exfoliation with Starpil's Volcanic Peeling, combined with daily use of Hair Puller, with salicylic acid and urea, is perfect for achieving gentle exfoliation and thus better hair extraction.

- It is advisable to attend the session a week before the ceremony. This way, if there is any redness, the client will have enough time to regenerate her skin.

- We know how important and exciting the bride's preparation is. Therefore, we advise beauty professionals to have a true beauty waxing treatment to offer in these cases.

- The prior protocol of our premium Starsoft line is ideal, where a previous relaxation is performed with massages on the scalp, hot towels, and relaxing fragrances, or our Conscious Waxing protocol from our Pure Vegan line, where we combine a relaxing atmosphere with gentle bamboo maneuvers.

- As we mentioned, our waxing products perform a gentle exfoliation of the most superficial layers of the epidermis. It is very interesting, taking advantage of this exfoliation, to hydrate the skin in the following days.

Look for a professional adapted to your needs. And above all, have the mindset that waxing is beautifying.

Ana Laura Vázquez - Technician in Medical Cosmetology.
Starpil Technical Advisor.