Tips to wear perfect legs this summer

Tips para lucir unas piernas perfectas este verano

Exfoliation, hydration and sun protection will be your allies.

The high temperatures arrive and with them the need to wear fresh garments and take our legs outright either on the beach, the pool or on the same street. Once we disengage the averages of the closet and we get to look for shorts and short dresses so appetizing, we realize that our legs need a set-up. If you are one of those who feel like this moment, but it fears it at the same time, everything has a solution. We tell you how.

Tricks to boast of legs this summer:

  1. Balance diet. A healthy and balanced eating will result in stylized legs, with less cellulite and without fluid retention. Eats more fruits (in summer we can enjoy a lot of fruit of delicious seasons and that give us a lot of hydration), vegetables and legumes and decreases the consumption of fats and sugars to gain firmness on your legs this summer.
  1. Take advantage of doing outdoor sports. Running or walking are perfect exercises to combat the extra adipose tissue of your legs. Plan a daily walk of 45 minutes and you will notice the difference.
  1. Exfoliation. Make an exfoliation once a week to keep the skin smooth and make those more rebellious pelitings that hide under the first layer of skin. Try that the exfoliator is as natural as possible and that is enriched with oils that hydrate your skin.
  1. Hair removal. To get a more durable hair removal, the best option is wax. If you take care of details as not to heat the wax too much; Do not apply it on damaged areas (granites, varicose veins ...); Make the correct pressure with the roll-on ... you will get a great and lasting result. In spite of all this, your skin continues to react? Do not hesitate to use waxes for sensitive skins that adapt to the needs of your epidermis.
  1. Hydration. Both inside and outside the hydration is essential. Baby 2 liters of water a day, especially now with heat. With circular movements applies nutritious cream on the skin of your legs daily and especially after hair removal. This last step must be taken into account. You can also use moisturizing lotions that contain very moisturizing agents such as almond oil or karité.
  1. Solar protection. When you think you're ready to go out, remember the solar cream. Now there are many that come in spray format that are very comfortable to apply. Although a sunscreen has a high factor, it does not mean that you do not go to put a brunette. In fact, the tan that you get will be more uniform and durable. That you will not forget!
  1. Do not use tight pants, high-heeled shoes, avoid sedentary and very high temperatures and when you depil you do not immediately put on the sun. Solar rays arrive with a lot of strength in summer and skin is more sensitive after hair removal.
  1. Cold water. If you get home with tired legs do not hesitate to give them a cold water shower. This activates circulation and will relieve heat.

Following these tips, surely you get even more beautiful legs, so you just stays enjoying the summer, the pool, the beach and all the good things that this station brings us.