Facial hair removal. What is the best method {

DEPILACIÓN FACIAL. ¿Cuál es el mejor método?
There are many methods to eliminate facial hair: tweezers, blades, threads, but none is as effective and durable as the depilatory wax. We tell you how to use it correctly to get some optimal results and show a thin and hair free skin for weeks!

It is no longer any secret that women eliminate facial hair, one of the main enemies of beauty. The beautiful facial, in addition to being antiesthetical and hind up when it comes to applying cosmetic, is up to date one of the most controversial debates in the world of aesthetics. Why do we have beautiful facial, should we or do not eliminate it and what is the best way to do it?

Why do we have facial hair?

Formerly, he fulfilled a protection function as all the hair we have in our body. Currently, its origin can be hereditary, due to increased hormonal production of androgens or by greater skin sensitivity of the hair follicle to hormones.

Some more, others less, we have the so-called mustache area, the nest, chin or cheeks, covered by a pellet that tends to darken or even, in some cases, can be populated by a thicker hair than usual.

The best methods to remove it

Nowadays there are many methods to withdraw the beautiful facial. But not all meet the expectations we want, being some of them a way to get worse the problem.

The tweezers, for example, are a tool that accompanies us all travel and is always ready for a quick retouching, but you have to bear in mind that when you start your hair that brings us head, which is usually darker, we also cut Hair at rest that is around and, this, being thinner, is started by not being able to visualize it, so that what we achieve is to stimulate it, activate the finest hair that begins to emerge with more force.

Shaved off. The same happens with the blades. Not long ago, the blades came up as an alternative. The networks were flooded with videos in which many YouTubers or Instagram appeared shaving his cheeks with blades and even shaving foam. It is true that it is the fastest and painless method, but once again what we get is not another effect than stimulating its growth. Then, it only lasts 1 or 2 days, which means you have to be ready for constant maintenance, especially when the hair reappears again.

Hair removal with yarn, also known as Egyptian or Hindu hair removal, is a non-invasive process in which the hairs are removed by the use of a cotton yarn. In general, it is safe, however, there are cases in which it is not recommended to do this procedure as when the skin is sensitive hyper since the area could be inflamed; In cases of severe acne in the area to be expiled and in some cases of contact dermatitis, an allergic reaction can be generated to the materials used.

Now, a traditional and effective method if it is done correctly is the depilatory wax. Years ago, this method, which has always been very popular because it delays the onset of long-term hair, could irritate the skin and even cause driving. However, this technique has advanced a lot and Starpil It is proof of it. If you want to eliminate the hair from your face in an effective and safe way, continue reading about the products we offer. With a good wax and the following indications, the hair removal will undoubtedly be safe and perfect. In addition, it is the most durable method and you will be free of hair during anything else or less than 4 weeks!

Factors to take into account for a perfect hair removal with wax

Preparation of the skin. It is an essential step and it is important to clean it well and even an exfoliation. If you decide to make you a corporal peel Hake it 3 or 4 days before.
Have the skin hydrated. In this way, hair comes out better. So if you can hydrate a few hours before hair removal you will be fine, always using a lotion that is not fat and that is quickly absorbed as the StarSoft Hydrating Prepile Gel.
Before applying the wax it is good to test the temperature in some delicate area, such as dolls. If you use a roll-on the ideal is to put the head down and vertically. Thus the wax slides better. The most effective moment to depilate is when the hair you want to withdraw, measure, at least, half a centimeter. And if you can, it's good to do it at least once a month.
If you get up for a special occasion, do not do it the same day, as redness may appear in the area. Better do it one day before and do not forget to use a good acid cream to avoid reddening in the most sensitive areas. STARSOFT ACID CREAM.
Do not forget to apply a hair retarder product to achieve spacing hair. Post epil retardant mousse Starpil.