Tips for proper hair hair removal

TIPS para una correcta depilación de axilas

The Axila area next to the groin or bikini area are the most delicate and difficult to shave.

There are several factors involved.

  • On the one hand the type of hair of these areas is a very thick hair added to its density.
  • They are zones, already very sensitive.
  • The type of skin in these areas is different.
  • Many times the client feels some shame.
  • Because of its anatomy, it is often difficult to adapt to the area, especially groin.

From Starpil We recommend low fusion waxes for sensitive areas, such as English, armpits and face and roll on system for extensive areas such as legs, back, arms.


How to perform a correct hair removal?


Prepile gel

Low fusion wax

Post epil deardant mousse or post -tarding post epil emulsion or acid cream.

Peel off jelly mask

Post epil deardant mousse or post -tarding post epil emulsion or acid cream.


There are several points to take into account at the time of working:

  • Always start working from outside. We want to say with this always consider not applying the extraction point of the wax plate in an area with hair since our client would bother at the time of removing the wax.
  • Divide the armpit into two-three parts will depend on the extension and density of hair in the area, with this we mean that it is not convenient to apply only one wax plate with the intention of removing all the hair at once, the traction mechanics that we should exercise would be too strong and we would produce more discomfort and irritation.
  • All our low fusion waxes are multidirectional. With this we mean that unlike the Roll On system, the low fusion waxes of Starpil They can be applied in any direction with respect to hair. No matter the direction that has the hair, our waxes, with a good application technique they remove the root hair perfectly well.


In the armpits it is very common to observe that hair grows in disorderly directions. You will not have any problem with your extraction, apply small wax plates and see the hair removing little by little.

  • It is very important to make the edges of the wax plate correctly, very clean, in this way we can remove the wax plate easily and there will be no wax attached to the skin of our client.
  • It is very important to stretch the skin at the time of removing the wax plate. We bother our client less, hair extraction with stretched skin is more resolutive.
  • Application techniques:
  •  Petals
  •  Brush strokes.
  •  Swinging or pendulum technique. This technique is applied with our low coral fusion wax. It is a special resin that allows us to work more time since its drying time is greater than any other low fusion wax. With the swinging technique, we spend less product, irritate less skin and minimize discomfort to our client. This technique is ideal for zone as armpits and English.
  • No low fusion wax of Starpil It can be reused.



Ana Laura Vázquez

Technical Advisor Starpil